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Five ways to make the forearm stronger and thicker

Sihai: fitness, more and more popular, many people are not satisfied with their waist, some people are not satisfied with their hips, and some people are not satisfied with their small arms. So how can we make the forearm more powerful and not too thin? Let's have a look.

1、 Dumbbell

For some people with thin arms, dumbbell training is very necessary. Because dumbbells can exercise the muscles of the forearm, it can effectively make your forearm stronger, which is very suitable for some people who are born with smaller skeletons. For girls, they can also use dumbbells to make their arms more wired.

But if you want to make your arms stronger, you have to train more. Exercise at least 5 groups every day, and the duration of each group should be enhanced. You can find some simple training videos on the Internet, and then follow them. This will solve your problem effectively.

2、 Swing rope

It's also a good training method to shake the rope if you want to make your arms stronger. When you use the force of your arm, you can feel the constant force of your arm. For people with too thin forearms, trying to swing the rope can effectively improve their own problems.

But beginners need to complete under the guidance of others, because many people will use their own shoulder strength, so the effect of small arm exercise will be weakened. So you need to master your power point, so as to achieve the effect you want.

3、 Pull up

This movement can effectively exercise the muscles of the whole arm, and it is very good for people who think their small arms are thin. At the beginning of the training, you may use more of your forearm muscles, but such a force may damage your joints.

Therefore, when practicing, you should use your own core to reduce the weight of the arm. But for girls, this posture may make your shoulders stronger, so you need to pay attention.

4、 Push ups

Push ups can effectively exercise the muscles of the forearm and enhance the sense of strength of the forearm. Putting your weight on your forearm can be very stressful. But as you work out, you can build up your muscles.

In fact, if you want to make your forearm stronger, you need to strengthen your muscles. Make yourself stronger, so you should say that your training goal is to train your muscles. Increase the training length and intensity of your anaerobic exercise. After such training, you can definitely feel the change of your arm.

5、 Protein

Protein intake is very important. No matter how you train, if you don't have enough protein in your body, you won't get the effect you want. Usually replace your main food with fish or beef. Through such diet regulation, your muscle will be more and more, which will naturally achieve the effect you want.

After training, you can also drink some toning powder to make your forearm training better. All of the above can make your forearm strong and suitable for those who think their forearm is thin. But this kind of training can only see the effect after more than three months, and can't see any effect in a short time.