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Wilderness action July 19 shutdown update notice what is the content of wilderness action update

In the wilderness action game, in order to let the players better experience the game. Action wilderness stopped the game on July 19. What's the updated content? There are many players who don't know. Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian.

Wilderness action July 19 shutdown update notice:

Cooperative operation: experience optimization!

1. The treatment drone adds a tracking button to automatically fly to the vicinity of the target teammates for easy treatment;

2. The therapeutic effect of UAV is optimized;

3. The guardian talent can use other submachine guns after collecting the shield;

4. Select talent interface, add countdown display at the beginning of the match, convenient and timely selection of talent.

The world cup is over

1. In the leisure mode, the winning 11 players will be closed;

2. Winning the football bomb of 11 players will have the probability to appear in the football field of Hurricane Peninsula as a common resource;

3. The chance Carnival competition is closed. I wish you all the best!

4. The carnival medal exchange activity will be offline on time at the time shown in the activity interface. Please exchange rewards in time!

[range: intelligent moving target]

1. The shooting range has joined the active intelligent robot target. It's time to test the shooting method!

2. The intelligent moving target will be equipped with different levels of armor randomly and move along different routes in the range.

Game optimization

Based on player feedback, we have done a lot of optimization work on the details of the game. To improve the quality of the game and bring more pleasant and comfortable game experience to the players is an important routine of the product group. It includes the following contents:

[combat experience optimization]

1. The range of Mauser, Val and SVD was adjusted to 550m;

2. Rifles and part of submachine guns, only one bullet will be fired when clicking fast in the continuous firing mode;

3. The firing speed of MP5 submachine gun slows down, and each bullet takes 0.1 second;

4. The scope of head attack is properly reduced. Now it is necessary to accurately aim at the head model to hit the enemy;

5. Adjust the lens parameters of the open sight. When shooting at the enemy behind the wall, you will also be exposed to the enemy's vision;

6. When closing the gun against the wall, the sight cannot be opened.

[route optimization]

1、 More routes have been added to the hurricane Peninsula map;

2. The partial oblique routes of Hurricane peninsula have been adjusted, and the problem that the allowed / forced disembarkation points in these routes are outside the map air wall has been fixed.

[match optimization]

1. Optimized the player's teammate automatic matching mechanism, now the player is easier to match to the level of teammates;

2. Optimized the matching mechanism of the queue, and now it is easier for players to match their opponents at the same level;

[action optimization]

1. Some female actions have been iterated to capture animation for more realistic actions.

[doomsday warrior fashion launch]

1. Featured fashion: the last warrior in the mall, basketball boy, exquisite life fashion, style changing, you can choose;

2. Brand new firearms: AK: Peace Dove skin, in order to never forget the memory!

3. Special treasure chest: the gift bag of doomsday warrior is put on the shelves in the mall. After opening it, you will have the opportunity to obtain the fashion of doomsday warrior additionally. AK: dove of peace and other exquisite appearance.

Problem fix

[bug repair]

We have done a lot of repair work for the bugs fed back by players and the bugs detected by the development team. The list of problems to be fixed this time is as follows:

1. Fixed parachute: blue sky mission and parachute: the problem of not displaying in the warehouse in the green years

2. Fixed the problem that in some cases the vehicle would explode when getting on the vehicle

3. Fixed incorrect exit position in some cases

4. Fixed the problem that the data of Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province is not displayed in the ranking

5. Fixed the problem that the mirror can still be opened when the gun is closed against the wall

6. Fixed the problem that clicking the PC key setting button will return to the lobby in non simplified Chinese environment

7. Fixed the problem of unresponsive individual space achievements sub item clicking

8. Fixed the problem that players could not be invited to join the Corps in some cases