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What's the harm of eating betel nut? Can betel nut cause cancer often

Eating betel nut has a good therapeutic effect, but too much eating betel can lead to oral cancer, so what are the disadvantages of eating betel nut? Summarize the disadvantages of eating betel nut.


1. The juice of betel nut is purple red. Chewing betel nut for a long time will make people's teeth black. After chewing areca nut, spit the residue on the ground, with red spots, like blood stains, affecting public health.

2. Contain carcinogenic alkaloids. Qiu Zhanxian, chief of the first section of Taipei Health Bureau, said that between 88% and 92% of the oral cancer patients in Taipei were caused by chewing betel nut.

3. Pregnant women chew betel nut too much, which may cause abortion

It's also very beneficial for us to eat less betel. It can effectively help us to treat our own burning, reduce the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, and treat our own stomach fire by taking betel nut.