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How to care for bad hair? What are the factors affecting hair quality

In life, everyone's hair quality is different. But because the day after tomorrow love beauty, all kinds of hair perm, pull. Damage to hair to some extent. If your hair starts to fall and fall off, and you don't pay attention to it any more, you will regret it. So hair quality is not good how should care? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

How to care for bad hair

Why can hair become frail?

First of all, let's look at this question -- how does a good hair become thin and soft? Of course, there are many reasons, but the main reason is still the problem of androgen. There is a male hormone called testosterone in the human body. Under the action of a 5-alpha-reductase, this hormone will generate another component, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is no stranger to us. It can enter into hair follicle cells and inhibit the activity of some hair follicle cells (which hair follicle cells are determined by the base). Under the continuous influence of DHT, many hairs begin to degenerate rapidly, first they become thin and soft, then they lose their hair, and finally they grow softer hair, and the final result is permanent hair loss. This process is generally not one or two days of Kung Fu, but one, two, or even many years.

Secondly, hair oil, staying up late, mental pressure, frequent dyeing and scalding, excessive diet and so on will also lead to hair thinning and fragility, so it is not a good sign to say that hair thinning and softening, which means that you have a great chance to start more serious hair loss. At this time, if we don't pay attention to the problem of hair, we will regret it a few years later.

Ten important things to protect fragile hair quality

For people with fragile hair, don't think about how you didn't lose your hair before. Before, now you must pay attention to the following things:

1. Pay attention to the sun protection of hair

Sunscreen is absolutely the first thing to protect your hair, but many people never pay attention to it. Like the skin, the scalp and hair are afraid of sunshine. For those who are bald or have sparse hair, their scalp is more vulnerable to irreversible damage in the sun. It's not only sunscreen in midsummer, but the power of ultraviolet in winter is not weaker than that in summer, just you can't feel it. Remember that beach play, skiing and other occasions are typical places with high UV energy. Use hats and umbrellas to protect yourself from the sun!

2. Reduce the number of shampoo

People with fragile hair should wash their hair less often. Under normal circumstances, you can wash your hair every day without too much problem, but it's different when your hair is fragile. You can obviously feel that a lot of hair is lost every time you wash your hair, so less shampoo is also a basic requirement to slow down hair loss. It is necessary to wash less hair and keep hair clean. At this time, the choice of shampoo is very important. Some shampoo with strong cleaning ability and flexibility is more suitable for people with fragile hair quality, such as Avalon anti stripping series and ludeqing coal tar series.

3. Reduce the number of combs

Combing your hair 100 times a day is healthier for your hair - it depends on who you are. Some people don't lose a few hairs after combing 100 times. You lose dozens of hairs after combing 100 times. Do you think it's necessary to do so many times a day? The number of combs must be flexible. For people with weak hair quality, you can use finger pulp to massage the scalp instead of comb massage, because when you use finger massage, the damage to the hair is significantly smaller.

4. Don't go out / sleep with your hair wet

Before that, she told you a common sense: hair is the most vulnerable when it's wet, because the scales are not completely closed at this time. If you sleep at this time, the scales will be seriously rubbed against each other. Overnight, the scales will be seriously damaged, or even directly lose their hair. That's why some people wake up in the morning and find a lot of hair on their pillows. It's also a common sense to protect your hair before you go to bed or go out.

5. Don't braid

If your hair is that kind of type that is easy to break and fall off, hair sister suggests you give up the habit of braiding, because braiding will produce continuous pulling on the hair, leading to hair fracture and damage. A foreign newspaper specifically mentioned this matter, saying that African women's hair is now more and more easy to lose, which is directly related to the long-term hair style that is too tight (African Braid). In fact, in order to protect the fragile hair quality, you can consider cutting your long shawl hair into short hair, because it is obvious that long hair is more easily involved, and then hair loss.

6. Give up dyeing and perming

It's a platitude, but every time I have to talk about it alone. Why? Because dyeing and perming are the number one killer of hair health. A lot of people do perm and dye their hair because it's thin and soft, in order to make it look more. In fact, this is a vicious circle. You lose more hair after perming and dyeing, then lose it again, and then perm it again. In the end, you may not even have enough hair. This idea is not wise at all.

7. Less hair dryer

Hairdresser once introduced to you that a high-power hair dryer can help shape your hair style, but if your hair is already scarce, you should give up the idea. The principle of hair protection is to use hair dryer as much as possible, and small-scale hair dryer as much as possible. When blowing hair, blowing from the root to the tail along the direction of hair growth can help to close the hair scales to a certain extent and protect the hair. If blowing against the direction, it may lead to more hair loss.

8. No more staying up late

Do you feel facial skin oil and scalp oil after staying up late? It's not an illusion, it's the truth. If you sleep normally, you don't have so much oil. This is because the body releases more hormones to keep you awake in the middle of the night. That is to say, during the process of staying up late, a large amount of androgens are secreted, and the concentration of DHT will also increase. DHT promotion means that there is no need to emphasize it. It's suicidal to hair, and it's not the whole harm of staying up late.

9. Eat less greasy food and sweets

Every kind of food has its own reason, but too greasy food and too much sugar are not suitable for people with fragile hair to eat in large quantities. Excessive intake of animal fat will cause disorder of fat metabolism, and the accumulation of subcutaneous fat will become more and more, and sebum overflow will become more and more serious, which will affect the hair follicle function and lead to hair loss; too much sugar will also make sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, which will make subcutaneous fat accumulation easier, and hinder the nutrition supply of hair follicles and easy hair loss. Even if only from the perspective of healthy diet, these two kinds of things are not suitable to eat more.

10. Wash your hair before swimming

Finally, a detail that is easy to be ignored. Many people like swimming in summer. In order to kill bacteria in swimming pools, chlorine is generally used. Chlorine reacts with sweat and dandruff to produce chloramine, which damages hair and causes it to turn yellow, dry and rough. But if you wash your hair before swimming, it will be difficult for your wet hair to absorb the water in the swimming pool. If you put on the swimming cap again, the protection effect will be better.