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What are the causes of pouch formation

Sihaiwang: more and more people are bothered by this problem. Otherwise, it is not good to stay up late to sleep or the growth of age, and so on. Eye bags are very easy, so how to eliminate eye bags quickly? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

The method of eliminating pouch quickly

The eye is the most important part of our face, but it is also the most vulnerable part. Whether it is the growth of age or bad living habits, it will lead to eye bags. So how should pouch be removed?

Eye bag

Methods of eliminating pouch

Method 1: use makeup

First, apply a thin layer of eye essence lotion around the eyes, so that the skin of the eye can be moistened sufficiently, and some fine lines can also be prevented.

Step two: use concealer, pay attention to the thickness when using concealer, if your pouch is not particularly obvious, do not smear. When choosing concealer, try to choose a brighter color. Especially in the dark areas where the pouches are obvious, you should pay attention to using the reflection of light to cover it well. It is best to draw a line of eyeliner and apply a thick mascara. To a role in the visual effect of light color spots.

The second way to remove the pouch: ice compress

If you don't have the habit of making up, the eye bag is very heavy or you often stay up late, it's suggested to prepare ice in advance, and then put the ice in the towel before you go out in the morning, and then apply it on the eyelid, and apply it for three minutes, which can also eliminate the puffiness of the eyes. In fact, this is to eliminate the pouch according to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction. Of course, if there is a cucumber, it can also be replaced by a cucumber slice, and its effect is very obvious.

The third way to remove the pouch: sleeping beauty sleep

It should be said that there is no better way to go to the pouch than adequate sleep, especially for those MM who have the pouch formed due to the acquired factors, one of the best ways to prevent reducing the pouch is to let themselves go to sleep before 11 p.m. Because the skin of human body usually starts to enter the state of self repair after 10 o'clock, so if you can let yourself go to sleep at this time, then the effect of skin care is very good?

Of course, it's recommended that you give yourself a simple skin care before you go to sleep. After cleansing, you can choose a moisturizing nutrient solution. You can apply a little more on the skin around the eyes, which is very helpful to promote the metabolism of the skin and enhance the nutrition of the skin. Especially for the skin around the eyes, deep care must be done.

The fourth way to remove the pouch: wash your face with hot and cold water

In the morning, I found that the pouch was a little heavy. I could wash my face with cold water first and then change it into hot water. In this way, the alternation of heat and cold is conducive to stimulating the blood circulation of the face skin, promoting metabolism, and making the puffy area around the eyes look less obvious.

The fifth way to remove the pouch: drink a cup of wolfberry tea every day

In particular, for mm, who often drinks medlar tea to the eye bag caused by computer, it not only has the effect of relieving the eye bag, but also has a very good health care effect on relieving eye fatigue, eliminating eye ache and other feelings?

There are many factors that cause the pouch, so there is no way to completely remove the pouch problem, but if you think your pouch is getting heavier recently, you must find a way to remedy it in time. For example, the pouch removal surgery is becoming more and more popular now. Of course, if your pouch problem is not particularly serious, then it is not recommended to choose this The method of removing the pouch.