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Who is Chen Yitian? Chen Yitian's resume

Chen Yitian often appears in the hot search list recently. Many people don't know who Chen Yitian is. Today, Xiaobian will come to popularize science for you and get to know him.

Recently, Mr. Chen Yitian attended the activity and was asked by the reporter: 'Mr. Chen, we all know that learning magic is very boring. What are your achievements now? Why do you persist in studying such boring magic? '

Chen Yitian actually smiled and replied to the reporter: "I can say it's because I made money? Is it real? In fact, people earn money because of their preferences, which can make you more motivated to study them, because the better you do, the more money you can earn. '

Shocked, Chen Yitian is so real and unambiguous. Don't say, although Chen Yitian is real, he also tells the truth of life.

Who is Chen Yitian? Eachen, whose stage name is Yitian Chen, was born in Guangdong on April 20. He is an actor, host, senior magician and singer in mainland China. He graduated from the Central Academy of fine arts. Chen Yi is not only a good magician, but also an unambiguous performer. He can put himself in a sitcom, and is good at thinking. He is a multi habitat artist with his own ideas.