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What happened when Han Han restaurant was sued by employees? Why did Han restaurant close frequently

Han Han's investment restaurant is nothing new, but the restaurant is often closed. Why does Han Han's restaurant close frequently? Can star restaurants stand the beat of time? How should stars manage their own business? Let's have a look.

Han Han restaurant is sued by employees

Han Han's Xi'an restaurant is closed. I'm glad to meet you. How can I be happy? Han Han Han's restaurant brand is glad to meet you. Tianjin Hisense Plaza store has been closed since late May, according to employees. So far, its owner song Haitao has not been contacted. According to an unpaid salary form provided by Lu Yang, the total salary of 30 employees in the store in different working hours in May is 122800 yuan! Song Haitao was contacted by the media. He said that this is a restaurant he joined. In more than two years of operation, he has never owed any money to his employees. The May salary has also been promised to be settled by mid September.

Now 'employees can go anywhere if they want to go through the judicial process. 'he attributed the loss to the bad consumption environment in China, which led to the loss of 10 million yuan.

Since its establishment in 2014 and the opening of its first store in Shanghai, 'nice to meet you' has opened stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuhan and other cities.

Ningbo store is suspected of unlicensed operation and fined 280000 yuan. After the news of worrying about the sanitation of the kitchen in Wuhan restaurant was revealed, many netizens expressed their disappointment at "glad to meet you" and said they would not go to the restaurant for consumption.

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Han Han's Xi'an restaurant is closed. I'm glad to meet you?

Last year, Hanhan Xi'an restaurant was closed. Why did Hanhan's restaurant close frequently? In February 2014, the first restaurant invested by Hanhan was opened in Shanghai. Since then, its stores have also spread all over Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Ningbo and other places, bringing a fresh wind of literature and art to the catering industry.

However, as early as last year, Wuhan Branch was closed directly because of its unlicensed operation and severe rat disease. Since then, 'I'm glad to meet you' has started to be besieged.

Recently, the big IP with its own halo 'is glad to meet you' Xi'an store is closed. According to the food inspection team of Yanta District food and drug administration, the reporter of China business daily learned that the closing of Xi'an store has eliminated the problems of unlicensed operation and food hygiene similar to Wuhan, which belongs to the act of self closing. 'nice to meet you,' said Ms. Jiang, customer service manager of Jindi square where Xi'an store is located: 'since 2015, I'm glad to meet you & rsquo; has really set off a boom in Xi'an, but the business has been very cold in the later stage. Years ago, we received the information about the withdrawal of the shop from our customers. However, unlike the reason why Wuhan store was closed, the overall management of Xi'an store is relatively formal. This withdrawal has nothing to do with food safety and qualification. '

But in fact, since the opening of Xi'an store, there is no doubt that in the past two years, word-of-mouth has declined, performance has declined, and the door is empty. By closing the stores with its own halo like "nice to meet you" and closing more restaurants that were once popular, the reporter launched a "Xi'an phenomenon level catering survey", which involved more than 400 people in total through wechat and street block visits of Chinese food. Earlier, law enforcement officers had inspected the restaurant and asked for a 'food business license' but could not get it out. Until the law enforcement officers finished checking the kitchen, the head of the restaurant also failed to take out the license. As a result, law enforcement officers on the spot on the 'nice to meet you' restaurant for water, electricity, gas, business processing.

In the survey of five-star hotels, phenomenon restaurants, fast food chains, street cafes and takeout, the support rate of street cafes has reached more than 50%, and the consumption of phenomenon restaurants ranks the next 25%, which still has room to rise. Among the 400 people who participated in the survey, 65% thought that the reason for the popularity of phenomenon level catering was mainly due to star effect and publicity methods, and only 16% agreed with the taste of dishes.