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Did Moby bike crash? Moby responded to app failure

In the morning of the 19th, Moby app failed in a wide range, and many users reported that they could not use Moby app to open Moby bike. The user said that when the mobile network is confirmed to be normal, the "server connection timeout" appears when opening the Moby app scanning code, please try again "or" the server with the specified host name cannot be found ".

Some netizens tried to contact the artificial seat customer service of Mobai bicycle, but they were unable to get through temporarily, so they were prompted to transfer to online customer service for communication. For the cause of the failure, the relevant staff of Moby said that the short-term failure of some functions of Moby app was due to network problems.

After the emergency troubleshooting and repair, Moby bike official responded through the communication channel of online customer service, saying that the problem of unable to log in due to the network reason of the operator has been fixed and solved. After exiting the app and logging in again, normal use can be restored.