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What are the differences between body dampness and body cold in recent years, I believe that the most heard words are "body wet" and "body cold". Many people think that these two symptoms are the same. Actually not. So what's the difference between body wetness and body cold? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What is the difference between body dampness and body cold?

What is body dampness?

Body dampness is the moisture in the body, which is mainly caused by eating cold food, eating raw and cold fruits and other cold things, damaging the body Yang. Under normal circumstances, the human body has the ability of natural adjustment to the changes of external temperature and humidity, but some people's body water control system is out of balance and water can't be discharged due to their constitution, disease or poor living habits, which affects their health.

What is the cause of body wetness

As the saying goes, ten people are nine wet, cold and wet, and sick. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen can transport water and dampness, and the spleen likes dryness but dislikes dampness. If the Spleen Yang is uplifted, the spleen is healthy, and the function of transporting water and dampness is normal, the dampness is not easy to cause disease. On the contrary, the patients often suffer from dizziness and dizziness, aching limbs, poor flexion and extension of joints, depression in the chest, fullness of the abdomen, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, loose stools and diarrhea, thick and greasy tongue coating, etc.

What are the simplest manifestations of body dampness

The most convenient way to check body dampness is to look at the stool. If the stool is not formed and loose for a long time, there must be dampness in the body. If the stool is formed, but after the end of the stool, there will always be some sticky on the toilet, which is difficult to wash down. This is also a manifestation of the body's wetness, because the moisture has sticky characteristics. In addition, self inspection of tongue coating. Spit out your tongue and observe your tongue coating. If you find that your tongue is greasy in yellow, it's also wet in your body. The more yellow or greasy, the more dampness.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the five parts of the body to keep warm at ordinary times. Don't catch cold, do "cover in spring, cover in autumn and freeze in autumn" to avoid moisture entering our body.

What is body cold?

Body cold is a symptom caused by the crisscross of constitution and living habits, or the living environment in which you live. It will take a long time to treat body cold thoroughly, but as long as we pay more attention to our life and adhere to healthy living habits for a long time, we can effectively prevent and treat body cold. Most of the heat in the body is produced by muscles, especially through the use of foot muscles, which can effectively promote the blood circulation of the whole body, so as to achieve the effect of body heat. On weekdays, you can stand on your toes as much as you can, stretch and lengthen your fingers, the blood circulation is smooth, and the body cold is effectively prevented

Mild physical cold symptoms

Be afraid of cold, hands and feet are often cold

It is easy to catch cold and has a long recovery period

3. Severe dysmenorrhea and abdominal distention in female

4. Pale, yellow and bloodless

Easy to fatigue and ache in joint

6. Poor sleep quality and light sleep.

Moderate body cold symptoms

1. Easily inflamed and sore in the mouth

Easy to constipate and often feel bloated

3. Women's physiological period is disordered, which is easy to delay or reduce after cold weather

The skin is dry and easy to crack, the heel is easy to crack, and the blood circulation of the foot is poor

Love to eat fruits, cans, ice cream and other cold food

Severe physical cold symptoms

1. Frequent urination, urgency of urination and difficulty in excretion of urine

2. Severe lower body edema

Sleep all night, throw cold hands and feet

Get up with numbness of hands and feet

Often feel bloated stomach

Often feel tired, aching limbs, no spirit

Conclusion: no matter the body is wet or cold, it is important to recognize the facts, distinguish the Constitution and regulate the body. If you are obese people, first of all, the spleen deficiency conditioning, the body will slowly thin down. If your body is cold or wet, you can use traditional Chinese medicine meridians and viscera as the theoretical basis, through cupping, massage, scraping, massage, acupuncture and other methods for treatment. Achieve the coordination of yin and Yang, help the human body to exhaust air, damp and cold, instantly open channels and collaterals, harmonize the movement of Qi and blood, activate human cells, and regulate the balance of viscera.