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How to make the old live a happy old age?

at the beginning of the 21st century, after the fifth national census, China officially announced its entry into an aging society. However, due to the increasingly heavy living pressure, the pace of China's aging development has been accelerating in recent years, which has exceeded the growth rate of the total population of the country. Chinese society is facing a comprehensive coverage of the life structure of "421 families", which means that it has become a severe test for every family to do its best to support the elderly and make them live a happier life in their later years.

Provide a quiet and convenient living environment. The old man worked hard for most of his life and yearned for some peaceful and comfortable days in his later years. The choice is not only far away from the bustle of the city, but also can ensure the safe and convenient living environment of daily life.

Create a harmonious family atmosphere. The older a person is, the more he is afraid of loneliness, the more he wants to be accompanied by his family. Spare some time in the spare time of work, so that the whole family can sit around the table happily, eat together, chat, entertain & hellip; & hellip; in spirit, give more comfort to the elderly, and let the elderly enjoy the joy of family in their later life.

Ensure a stable source of living economy. The solid economic foundation is the material guarantee of a happy life. The pension after retirement can make most of the old people do not have to worry about their livelihood in their old age. For the old people who do not have a pension in their old age, their families should bear all the expenses of their lives. The orphaned old people without children can turn to the community and apply for the difficult subsidy from the state organs.

Balance the diet and nutrition. The metabolism of the elderly body slows down with the increase of age. Excessive intake of nutrients can not be absorbed normally, but also changes into a large number of toxins accumulated in the body. When the daily intake of nutrients is insufficient, it will reduce the body's immunity and increase the risk of disease. Therefore, reducing the intake of fat, sugar and salt in the diet, increasing the absorption of coarse grains, vegetables, fruits and fibers, as well as the reasonable combination of meat, eggs and milk are the real maintenance of the health of the elderly in old age.

Do a good job in daily sanitation. Clean and tidy home environment and the elderly's own health and cleanliness can make each elderly live a more relaxed and happy life. Frequently clean the room, wash clothes, assist the elderly to take a bath and complete oral examination on time & hellip; & hellip; to ensure that the basic daily needs of the elderly can be met.

Arrange regular physical examination for the elderly. With the growth of age, the human body function will gradually decline, most of the elderly are prone to suffer from various' geriatric diseases', and the reduction of immunity will increase the risk of serious diseases of the elderly, making their later life suffer from the suffering of diseases. Therefore, take the elderly to the hospital regularly for comprehensive examination, improve the awareness of disease prevention and treatment, and continue the happiness of the elderly in their later years.

Often organize family group travel. The scope of daily activities of the elderly is limited, and it is easier to feel the tediousness of simple and repeated life. From time to time, take the whole family to see the outside world, accompany the elderly to relax and deepen the emotional exchange between the family, constantly enrich the inner world of the elderly, and stimulate their desire and pursuit for wonderful old life.