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2018 CATTI score query time and entry CATTI score query process in the previous year of 2018, after the completion of the CATTI exam, all candidates focused on the CATTI score query [] project. For information about CATTI, please read the article carefully for details!

As we all know, the CATTI score inquiry must be a step after the completion of the CATTI exam, so it's necessary for the candidates to know the time arrangement of the CATTI exam. The CATTI exam is divided into two times a year, the first half year and the second half year. The exam is divided into interpretation and translation. However, there are differences in the exam time between interpretation and translation, so you take the exam Candidates must pay special attention!

So this article aims at the problem of 'CATTI score query', and makes detailed information analysis for the majority of candidates. What is the query time of CATTI score?

After the completion of the CATTI exam, the longest time is about 2 months, which can be used to query the results of CATTI.

2018 CATTI results query time

So what is the entry and specific process of CATTI score query? The editor also gives you a detailed explanation, as follows:

First, after the results are published, search and log in to the translation qualification examination network, as shown in the following figure:

Then click "score inquiry" under "examination inquiry" on the website

Then input your own identity information correctly according to the prompt, and you can do the work of CATTI score query. The above is about the relevant information of CATTI score query, hoping to help you!