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What tiktok tiktok is in Sun Wei's voice? Why is Sun Wei?

Tiktok friends tiktok what I have seen in the past two days will find that many of the comments below are Sun Wei, who is almost washed up by this name. What makes Sun Wei in the comments? Tiktok, who is Sun Wei? Take a look with Xiaobian.

What is tiktok's reason for finding Sun Wei?

Tiktok tiktok tiktok, who doesn't know how many people love to play the jitter, is just being brushing the screen by Sun Wei when he plays the jitter. Then he is wondering what's going on. In order to answer this question to the big guy, Xiao Bian has been shaking the sound. Finally, he has found the original video. Let's talk about what is really going on.

It turns out that this is a video of a street interview. The host interviewed a little sister walking in the street and asked her what she wanted to say to her former predecessor. The little sister who was interviewed at the beginning hesitated a little, thought about it for a moment, and began to say.

Little sister came up and said, Sun Wei, although I love you very much, but the front turned and said: but I can't help but want to scold you. Make complaints about your ex boyfriend.

A good girl like me, you want to break up with me. Are you blind.

Speaking of this, the little sister was a little emotional. Then she grabbed the host's microphone and said to the camera: that is, if you meet a boy named Sun Wei in the future, please don't fall in love with him, because that's what the old lady uses.

After that, the little sister turned around to go, but after two steps, she picked up the microphone and said, "that's it. You must broadcast this section and let him see it. That's it. Maybe he will come back to me. He deleted my wechat. I didn't have it.".