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Why is dog the best friend of mankind?

Why do we say that dogs are our best friends? I think everyone who has dogs at home should have a deep understanding of this. Dogs are always full of happiness when accompanied by dogs at home. Dogs can be called our most loyal friends.

Dogs can bring us joy. Dogs at home are usually very happy. Often dogs like playing with their owners very much. They can easily make us laugh.

Dogs can protect our homes. Dogs are loyal friends. They are alert to other people and can take good care of our home.

Dogs can protect our safety. Dogs are sensitive to the things around them. When encountering some urgent and dangerous things, dogs can rush out to protect us.

Dogs can accompany us and comfort us when we are sad. The dog can feel the owner's sad mood, and can accompany us in time.

Dogs can also help police solve cases. Dogs' noses are usually sensitive and can smell things that ordinary people can't feel.

Dogs can also help blind people lead the way. These dogs play an important role in our society and are our good friends.