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What happened to the 1000 yuan bowl of noodles at the women's railway station? I didn't know the bos

It's said that there are many people in the railway station, and there are many mixed people. Recently, a strange thing happened in the railway station. A bowl of noodles for a woman is worth 1000 yuan! What's going on? Come and have a look

Wang Bo has been opening noodle shop in the railway station for decades. In these decades, Wang Bo has watched the change of the railway station. With the progress of the times, the railway station is changing, making people travel faster and faster, and people flow more and more. Although the railway station has changed, but Wang Bo is still him, has not changed, although the restaurants around him have also changed, he has not changed! Wang Bo is a man of integrity, he will make every bowl of noodles that customers eat affordable price, will never earn money without conscience, and will not watch others earn money without conscience, no matter who is the same.

One day, it was just lunch break time. The flow of people was relatively small. Wang Bo felt a little tired after working at noon, so he lay quietly on the chair and wanted to rest for a while. The next flow of people came again. Wang Bo woke up when he heard the sound of the train. Then two young people came into his noodle shop. He went to entertain the two young people, one male and one female They are talking happily.

After a while, Wang Bo put the real face on the table to let the two happy young people. Then Wang Bo rested in the chair near the two young people and waited for the next guests. Wang Bo closed his eyes at this time, but he was listening to the conversation between the two young people quietly. Ten minutes later, the two young people finished eating two bowls of noodles and asked Wang Bo to check out. Wang Bo looked at the women with a smile and then turned to look at the men. He said to the women, one bowl of noodles is 1000. When the woman heard this, she said angrily to Wang Bo, clearly marked 10 yuan, how can it change into 1000 yuan? You are obviously cheating. At this time, Wang Bo, who had a smile on his face, suddenly became serious. He stared at the woman and said, "call the police if you don't give me money. Let the police come!" this is the woman who took out her cell phone without hesitation and prepared to call the police, but the man next to him even advised the woman not to call the police, but the woman who was not always convinced finally called the police, and the police arrived at the scene.

After the police entered the shop, the woman told the police about the process of Wang Bo's fraud. The police came to Wang Bo again and asked him what happened. Wang Bo talked with the police for a while. The man was a little nervous at this time. When the conversation was over, the police went to the man and talked with him. In the process of communication, many pyramid schemes were found on the man 。

After the police found out the truth of the matter, they took the man away, waved to Uncle Wang and left with a smile. The woman was at a loss. Uncle Wang told the woman about it. Suddenly, the woman burst into tears. She looked at Uncle Wang gratefully and wanted to pay 1000 yuan, but Uncle Wang didn't receive the money.

In the woman's heart, this bowl of noodles is indeed a bowl of noodles worth 1000, maybe higher. Because of this bowl of noodles, the woman is protected and the man is punished. She is very grateful to Wang Bo and sincerely appreciates it!