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How can women avoid being hurt by bad people when they go out?

in recent news, there have been many incidents in which women have been injured. What places and events should be prevented? How to prevent it? Next, I will share my opinions. I hope to remind you.

1. Liu Xin is her so-called best friend. Because he helped Liu Xin, he was killed.

When you can't guarantee your own safety, don't try to help others. Help others.

There are two ways of not getting involved in a girl's relationship. One is not to worry too much about her relationship with him. After all, as an outsider, it's not suitable to participate. Second, don't be a third party. There are countless cases of revenge and violent beating by the current third party. Don't ask for trouble.

2. Often see this kind of news, a girl, alone at home, occasionally meet strangers knock on the door, open the killing event. It's better not to open the door to strangers at home alone. I saw a lady stared at by a boy before. When the lady went out to take out the garbage, she dragged her into the house. Fortunately, the girl was strong and broke free, otherwise, the consequences were unimaginable.

Tip: girls should always be vigilant, alone at home, to take out the best note is Mr. so and so. You can put a pair of men's slippers outside the door. At ordinary times, we should also strengthen our exercise.

3. If you find someone following you on your way to work, you must change your route in time, try to go to a place with as many people as possible, and don't leave yourself alone. After you get rid of this person, take a taxi home.

In time, tell the concerned about you what happened to you, tell them your trend and whether you are home safely.

If you find that the other side is closely followed, some passers-by must ask for help from a certain fixed person. When you shout for help and hope that a large group of people will help you, the hope is slim. Because people think others will. Instead, it reduces your chances of being saved. Or call the police for help.

4. To eat out, it's better not to quarrel with people. An 80 year old was killed by a middle-aged man because he robbed his seat. miserable..

There are also those who complain that the food is not delicious and are cut by the shopkeeper's knife...

Nowadays, many people are grumpy. If things are not very serious, don't argue with people easily. Harmony is the most important thing. It's also better for your personal safety.

5. Last year, an actress took her husband to the hospital to see a doctor. Because she accidentally met the next drunk, the drunk swearing, they reasoned with him, and finally angered the drunk, who stabbed the actress to death on the spot. And cut her husband..

A lot of times, we can't argue with those who are not awake about right or wrong. Instead, it ignites. Drunk people, driving alcohol, leading to the death of the event, afraid every day. We still need to stay away from these drunk people.