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What's the truth about employees suing Hanhan Restaurant

Recently, Han Han's restaurant brand "nice to meet you" has another big event. According to the employee, the store has been closed since late May. So far, song Haitao, the owner of the store, has not been contacted. The total salary of 30 employees in the store in different working hours in May is 122800 yuan. In response, Han did not respond.

according to the employee, at present, some employees of the store have applied for labor arbitration, but because the arbitration office can't contact the boss to mediate, then, the employee went to the court to submit the contract, wage flow certificate, petition, etc., which has been filed, waiting for the Notice of the court session. Later, the media contacted song Haitao, the owner of the store, who said that he was a franchisee of the restaurant, and that he has never owed his staff money in two years of operation. The salary in May has also been promised to be settled before the middle of September.

Tianjin court has accepted the case

Song Haitao attributed the loss of the restaurant to the bad consumption environment in China. And the store's rights protection staff said that the expansion of the restaurant was too fast and the internal friction was serious, which was also caused by: 'the development was too fast, resulting in blind expansion, and too little investment in management, personnel training, food innovation and other aspects. Human resources can not keep up with and quickly promote some talents who do not have the ability of management, or even out of control. Store services and dishes have declined significantly. In addition, internal departments compete with each other, which also leads to waste of resources. 'the employee said,' I'm glad to meet you 'at first operated in a direct mode. Due to the capital shortage caused by the rapid expansion, the company began to transfer many stores to franchisees. Song Haitao's stores joined in 2016 by obtaining the city's agent right.

It is reported that 'nice to meet you' restaurant opened 6 stores on October 1, 2014 at the same time. In 2015, it was the peak. It not only opened in first tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and second tier cities such as Wuhan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, but also expanded to third tier cities such as Taiyuan and Tangshan. At the peak period, the number of stores nationwide exceeded 60. Up to now, only Xinzhuang longzhimeng store in Shanghai is still open, while Changtai square store and Sunmoon Center Square store, which are happy to meet your official wechat display, have closed down, and Wuhan International Square store has closed down.