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The 2018 World Cup best team announced that he was defeated the 2018 World Cup has come to a successful end, with 32 teams from all over the world playing 64 games. After one month's competition, the French team has finally won the world cup. Although only one team can win the world cup, many excellent footballers have emerged in the process of this world cup. They have left a deep impression on the fans. Today, FIFA officially announced The best 11 player team of 2018 Russia world cup voted by fans, including Ronaldo, mbape and magic flute!

It is reported that 129060 fans of dream team voted on FIFA's website. Modric, the winner of the golden ball award, won 65177 votes. She is the highest player in the world cup and has more than half of the votes. There is no doubt that the world cup Magic Flute played well. He made Croatia's playing easier. His performance in midfield can be called a textbook. Fans all over the world are also keen on it. Therefore, it's also popular for magic flute to get this vote!

In addition, the two players behind the Croatian Modric in the number of votes are kutinho and mbape respectively, of which kutinho's vote rate is 45.8%; France's 19-year-old star mbape won 42.1% of the vote. For fans around the world, mbape is the most unexpected surprise of the world cup. The 19-year-old's performance is beyond people's imagination. Although the way he deliberately delayed the game time in the semi-final is a little immature, on the whole, his performance is enough to be recognized by people. With excellent play, mbape also won the best rookie It can be said that he is a promising young man!

Fans voted for the best 11 member team as follows: goalkeeper: kuertua (Belgium); defender: varane (France), Tiago Silva (Brazil), Godin (Uruguay), Marcelo (Brazil); midfield: Modric (Croatia), kutinho (Brazil), debrunane (Belgium); Strikers: mbape (France), Kane (England) and Ronaldo (Portugal), for such a fan vote for the best 11 player team, careful observation still does not have the name of Messi, I believe many Messi fans must feel unhappy, but the fans as a whole are more objective and fair selection, of course, there must be some people who do not recognize, after all, there are outstanding players in the world cup numerous!