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What is the harm of women's frequent sitting

What is the harm of women's frequent sitting now women spend most of their working time sitting, busy processing all kinds of information, especially the white-collar women who sit in front of the computer all day, sitting in front of the computer has become their most common state. However, according to experts, women's long sitting is very harmful to their health. Let's take a look at the hazards of women's long sitting and how to avoid them.

Five hazards and health care methods for women who often sit long:

The harm of sitting for a long time

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time, dizzy and speechless, the muscles on the shoulders have become as hard as stones, and the neck is almost unable to rotate.

Countermeasure: ensure the freedom of legs

When working in front of the computer, you should not only pay attention to the time, but also keep the correct sitting posture. It is better to sit with the whole foot on the ground, or use the foot pad to raise the foot to make your legs more comfortable.

Stretch your legs often and change their posture. Often stand up and walk away from the workbench, and often change the position of legs, which can relax the whole body.

Special suggestion: it's better not to put boxes or sundries under the workbench, and try to give the legs enough room to move.

The harm of sedentary: never hungry

It's said that every day I sit there and work hard, and consume a lot of mental and physical energy. I should always feel hungry. But why do I still feel hungry when it's time to eat?

Countermeasures: eat more seaweed and rhizome food

Sedentary and lack of whole body exercise will weaken gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce secretion of digestive fluid, and lead to anorexia, dyspepsia and fullness of epigastric cavity. Cultivate 'plant' eating habits. Eat more seaweed and land

Root (stem) food, fresh vegetables and fruits in time. The rich dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, shorten the time of food passing, reduce the chance of contacting intestinal mucosa with harmful substances contained in food, absorb and remove some harmful substances, and reduce the toxicity.

The third harm of sedentary: mental fatigue and forgetfulness

One hour, two hours, as you sit longer and longer, do you find that what you can remember is not directly proportional to less and less, accompanied by dizziness and drowsiness. It seems that sitting for a long time will not only hurt the body, but also the brain. No, memory decline is one of the evidence.

You should know that if you always use one posture to sit still for a long time and the blood circulation slows down, it will lead to a lack of blood supply to the brain, which will hurt the mind and damage the brain. If you are light, you will suffer from mental weariness and depression. If you are serious, you will suffer from memory loss and inattention.

Strategy: eat some fruits and yoghurt

It's a good way to deal with mental fatigue. Apple is very helpful to improve people's mental outlook. When you feel memory is declining, it's a good choice to leave the table and eat an apple.

In addition, because calcium can relieve muscle tension and regulate endocrine, foods rich in calcium, such as nonfat yogurt, are also good for relieving fatigue and fidgety mood. So, drink a cup of nonfat yogurt when you need to improve your attention.

Special advice: according to research reports, mint can prevent spasm, relax muscles, reduce muscle stiffness and pain, so drinking mint tea is one of the most recommended refreshing ways.