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What are the advantages of eating lotus root? What to pay attention to when eating lotus root

Eating more lotus root can effectively help us to replenish the lack of water in our body, prevent our own big neck disease, eating more lotus root can also effectively help us achieve the effect of cancer prevention and cancer prevention, but eating too much lotus root may cause us to get angry, summarize the benefits and disadvantages of eating lotus root.

lotus root contains starch, protein, asparagus, vitamin C and oxidase. It also has high sugar content. Eating fresh lotus root can clear away heat and trouble, relieve thirst and nausea; If fresh lotus root is pressed to extract juice, its effect is even greater. The boiled lotus root is sweet and warm, which can invigorate the spleen, appetizer the stomach, benefit the blood and nourish the heart. Therefore, it is mainly used to nourish the five internal organs. It has the effect of eliminating food, relieving diarrhea and generating muscles. Lotus root has the effect of health care for women, but it should pay attention to the time. Because lotus root sex slants cool, parturient should not eat prematurely.

The benefits can be summarized as follows: clearing heat and cooling blood, relieving diarrhea, invigorating the spleen and appetizing the stomach, benefiting blood and generating muscles, hemostasis and removing blood stasis.

Here we talk about the disadvantages and what people should eat less.

Too much raw lotus root, fretting. People with dry stools should eat less.

Lotus root is cold, so it's not suitable for puerpera to eat it too early (it's not that they can't, because lotus root has a good effect of eliminating silt). Women should avoid raw and cold food after childbirth, but not lotus root.)

Remind people to pay attention: if the lotus root is black and has peculiar smell, don't eat it. When boiling lotus root, do not use iron to avoid food blackening.

Generally speaking, the benefits of eating lotus root are greater than the disadvantages. Lotus root is a very nutritious food. We should eat more in our daily life. It can also effectively help us to promote the decomposition of digestive enzymes in the body, effectively help us to improve many gastrointestinal diseases and reduce the probability of gastroenteritis.