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What are the nutritional values of simi dew? What are the delicious ways of simi dew it's very hot in summer, so many cold drinks come into being. Simi dew is our common drink material. Many people like to eat Simi dew in summer. At the same time, Simi dew also has a good heat clearing and detoxifying effect. Now people pay more and more attention to health. They not only hope that the drinks are very good to drink, but also demand the nutritional value of the drinks , so what is the nutritional value of simillo?

Ximi, also known as Xigu rice, is the most traditional starch extracted from the pith of Xigu coconut tree and processed by hand. It is also called shagu rice and shaarc rice in coastal areas such as Guangdong Province. Xigu rice is produced in Nanyang islands. It is a kind of starch which is made from the pulp of palm plant sedge by common starch making process, such as crushing, sieving, filtration, repeated rinsing, precipitation, drying and so on. When the starch is dried to half dry, it is shaken into fine grains, and then dried in the sun. It is Xigu rice. The person with pure quality and white color is named Xigu real pearl. It is white, clean, smooth and glutinous with abundant nutrition.

These small, dry, starchy grains are made of me troxylou sagu, which is produced in the Far East. When it is added to milk pudding, it can be used as food for patients and cooking materials, especially Nordic dishes, such as sago soup in Denmark.

It has the functions of invigorating the spleen, nourishing the lungs and resolving phlegm, treating the weakness of the spleen and stomach and dyspepsia; it also has the function of restoring the skin to the natural and moist state, so it is very popular among people, especially women.

Edible for general population

1. It is suitable for people with weak physique, post partum recovery period, dyspepsia and mental fatigue, and for people with deficiency of lung qi, tuberculosis and cough due to impotence;

2. People with diabetes should not eat.

It has the functions of invigorating the spleen, nourishing the lung and resolving phlegm.

We have learned about the nutritional value of simillo through the above explanation, but many drinks contain certain pigments. Although it makes the drink look very good and can make the dry mouth of the drink better, it will cause certain impact and damage to the body, so it is better not to drink more drinks at ordinary times.