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A review of the causes of the tsunami in Spain

According to foreign media reports, in the early morning of July 16, a storm surge of nearly 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) high hit beaches in parts of Mallorca and Menorca islands in Spain. Bars and terraces nearby flooded into the sea and coastal roads were engulfed. A video recorded the scene of the tsunami.

pictures show that the tsunami has flooded most of the coastline of the area, and the bars, terraces and coastal roads along the coast have been invaded by sea water. Even cars parked on the side of the road are about to be washed away by the sea. The owners of the Southwest Coast Resort in Mallorca are standing on the shore, trying to protect their ships. The strong tide broke the rope of a sailboat. In order to avoid the ship being washed away by the sea, it is now necessary for the sailors to go down to the sea and then drag it back to the port.

So far, the tsunami has caused no casualties. Tourists who spent their holidays and sunbathing on the beach had already been evacuated before the tsunami hit.