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What's the benefit of drinking cinnamon water

Longan is what we call longan. It's very delicious and can clear away heat and detoxify. Many people like longan very much. When it comes to eating it, people buy it. At the same time, some people like to dry longan, which can be used as snacks and soup, but also very good for the body. It's killing two birds with one stone. So, what are the effects of drinking cinnamon in water? Let's have a look.

1. Effect on central nervous system: cinnamaldehyde 250-500 Mg / kg intragastric administration can reduce the spontaneous activity of mice and antagonize the excessive activity of amphetamine production; cinnamaldehyde can also antagonize the movement excitation of apomorphine and methamphetamine, and make the body temperature drop, but antagonize the temperature drop caused by reserpine; the tail pressing method or intraperitoneal injection of acetic acid writhing method show that cinnamaldehyde has analgesic effect; it is considered that the central function of Cinnamaldehyde and central monoaminergic nerve The original activity is related.

2. Effect on cardiovascular system: the aqueous extract and volatile oil of cinnamon have certain antagonism and protection on platelet aggregation and myocardial injury caused by increased endogenous catecholamine secretion under ice water stress in rats; cinnamon decoction can increase coronary artery and cerebral blood flow and decrease vascular resistance in anesthetized dogs; cinnamon decoction, cinnamaldehyde and coumarin can induce platelet aggregation in rats induced by ADP inhibition.

3. Anti ulcer effect: intraperitoneal injection of water extract of cinnamon and cinnamon can prevent stress ulcer in rats. Intragastric or intraperitoneal injection can also inhibit gastric ulcer caused by 5-hydroxytryptamine. The anti ulcer effect is not only due to the inhibition of gastric juice secretion, but also to the promotion of gastric mucosal blood flow.

According to the above content, you who like eating longan meat should have some understanding of the effect of drinking cinnamon in water. In addition to the above, it has many other functions. Drinking cinnamon water can cool the heat and reduce the fire. Drinking more cinnamon water in summer can help to relieve the heat, and it can also beautify and beautify the face. I believe that most women friends will not miss this healthy way of beautifying the face. In addition, cinnamon soup is also very delicious and nutritious. You may as well eat more cinnamon.