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The difference between sugar screen and sugar tolerance as a special group, pregnant women should pay special attention in their daily diet and life. The most important thing is the birth examination. However, the first time their mother's understanding of tangshai, tangshai and Tangnai is relatively unfamiliar, and they don't know how to prevent diabetes during pregnancy. Let's learn about these knowledge through this article.

Causes of gestational diabetes

After pregnancy, the first time found or onset of diabetes, known as gestational diabetes, its incidence has an increasing trend, accounting for about 10% of all pregnant women. This is because during pregnancy, due to various factors can lead to abnormal glucose metabolism, but many people do not have the corresponding symptoms, even fasting blood glucose is normal, so did not cause the corresponding attention. However, gestational diabetes will have many adverse effects on pregnant women and fetus. Therefore, it is better for pregnant women with conditions to have sugar screening test to detect and treat gestational diabetes as soon as possible.

The difference between sugar screen and sugar tolerance many people will have questions when they first touch these two literally similar nouns, so some careless friends will confuse them without knowing it. Today, we will briefly introduce the difference between sugar screen and sugar tolerance. You need to see clearly.

Difference 1: different categories

Sugar screen is the abbreviation of gestational diabetes screening. Sugar screen is a method to check blood glucose and blood. Too high blood glucose needs to reduce blood sugar.

"Glucose tolerance" is a high risk screening, the general doctor will recommend to continue to do glucose tolerance test. That is to say, sugar screening can be carried out before sugar tolerance test.

Difference 2: different inspection method and normal value

Diabetes screening method: before the screening, 50 g glucose powder was dissolved in 200ml of water 12 hours before fasting, and it was finished within 5 minutes. The first mouthful of glucose powder was taken to count the time. One hour later, blood was drawn to check the glucose screening. The value of glucose & Ge; 7.8mmol was abnormal in glucose screening, and a walking glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was needed.

Glucose tolerance test (OGTT) method: 12 hours before the test, take blood samples on an empty stomach to check the blood glucose, then add 150ml of 50% glucose injection into 100ml of water, or dissolve 75g of glucose powder in 300ml of water, drink it up within 5 minutes, start timing at the first sip, take blood samples to check the blood glucose one hour, two hours, three hours later, the normal value standard is: 5.6mmol/l on an empty stomach, 10.3mmol/l in one hour, 8 in two hours 6 mmol / L, 3 hours 6.7 mmol / L, two or more of which reach or exceed the normal value, can be diagnosed as gestational diabetes, only one of which is higher than the normal value, can be diagnosed as abnormal glucose tolerance.

The most important thing is: you have to drink sugar water for more than an hour to draw blood!

The difference between tangshai and tangshai, tangshai and tangshai, sounds like a word, but the content is quite different. These two words respectively represent two kinds of examinations during pregnancy. It is often found that many expectant mothers confuse the two. Today, let's talk about the difference between the two.

First, the meaning is different. 'down screen' is the abbreviation of Down's screening, while 'sugar screen' is the screening of gestational diabetes.

Secondly, the inspection contents are different. The screening of Down's syndrome is mainly aimed at the screening of Down's syndrome, which is to check whether the baby will be a congenitally stupid Down's child, mainly check alpha fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotropin and free estriol. And sugar screen is to check gestational diabetes, mainly to check the sugar situation of the mother to be.

Moreover, the inspection time is different. Tang screening is generally carried out in 15-20 weeks of pregnancy, and sugar screening is mostly carried out in 24 weeks.

In addition, the precautions are different. Although all of them are drawn blood, Tang sieve does not need to draw blood directly on an empty stomach, while sugar sieve needs to stop eating and drinking 12 hours in advance, and then take blood one hour after oral glucose water.

Moreover, the follow-up procedure is also different. If Tang screen shows high risk, the general doctor will recommend amniocentesis for further analysis, and if sugar screen is high risk, the general doctor will recommend to continue to do glucose tolerance test. Special tips: if you don't know which test you want to do, you should consult your doctor carefully.

In particular, some hospitals do not take blood in the same place or at the same time for two examinations. Do not go to the wrong place or at the wrong time.

Pregnant women do sugar screen precautions many pregnant women do not know how to do pregnant women, the result went to the hospital, because of the violation of the inspection regulations, had to go next time, if you do not know how to do sugar screen, may not do according to the gestational week, or did not drink glucose water in advance, these may cause the sugar screen is not accurate, then what precautions does pregnant women sugar screen have?

1、 Reduce the intake of starch (pasta) and sugar two weeks before the examination. Try to eat less staple food. The amount of staple food for each meal should be less than 2 liang (that is, less staple food such as pasta and rice flour should be less than half a Jin a day). It's better not to drink rice porridge in the morning, instead of milk.

2、 The day before sugar screening or sugar tolerance, it's better to eat light vegetarians, and rice is also better to eat less. Make a stir fried balsam pear, reduce blood sugar.

3、 Pregnant women were fasting at 8 p.m. before and after blood screening and drinking less water.

4、 Don't drink sugar powder too fast. Drink it slowly. Drink it little by little. Don't drink it all at once. Drink it in 3-5 minutes. The best way to walk after drinking is to consume energy in an hour, which will help reduce blood sugar concentration.

5、 If you start drinking at 7:10 and finish drinking at 7:20, you have to draw at 8:20.