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Which poem do you come from? What's the source? What do you mean by the spring breeze?

Is the recent popular TV play spring breeze ten li inferior to you remind you of your once green and astringent time? This TV play is actually adapted from Feng Tang's novel, but the name of the novel is not "spring breeze ten li inferior to you", but "Beijing, Beijing", at the same time, it is the third part of Feng Tang's "trilogy of all things growing".

So, where does the name "spring wind is not as good as you" come from?

This poem is originally in the collection of essays in Feng Tang's thirty six major books.

'spring water is born, spring forest is in full bloom, spring wind is ten li, not as good as you. 'it comes from' its thirty 'in the twenty fourth & lt; great joy & gt; of the thirty Sixth National Congress of Feng Tang (Feng Jinxian).

What's the earliest poem "spring wind is not as good as you"?

In fact, Feng Tang's poem is also a sentence of the ancients. It was first written in two farewell poems by Du Mu, a poet of Tang Dynasty.

Two gifts

Du Mu, Tang Dynasty

It's more than thirteen in the law, and it's the beginning of February.

Yangzhou Road, ten miles in the spring wind, is not as good as rolling up the Pearl curtain.

The first sentence of this poem depicts a young girl's body and posture, with a beautiful age; the second sentence uses flowers to describe people, with a delicate and beautiful appearance; the third and fourth sentences use stars to arch the moon, with a lot of beauties in Yangzhou, but she is the only one. In terms of technique, there is a strong idea that eliminating Wushan is not a cloud. The language is excellent and agile, free and easy, the emotion is sincere and clear, and the heart is clear.

What is the poem used to describe?

This poem is used to praise the beauty of the geisha. The spring breeze is ten li, which originally refers to the place of the moon and the wind. To put it simply, all the geisha in Chang'an are very beautiful, but they are not as good-looking as you.

However, modern people also distort the meaning of prostitutes. There is a difference between prostitutes and prostitutes in ancient times. Brothels are elegant places. The young ladies of brothels were well trained since childhood. It was a very high-level and dignified thing for a special group of people with the most culture to gain the favor of a prostitute. Therefore, in the eyes of scholars at that time, prostitutes were originally a group of beautiful women There is no derogatory sense, to make a metaphor is to praise you as beautiful as a star!

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1. So it's better to sleep you than ten li spring breeze. No problem.

2. That's right. Otherwise, how could Du Mu realize his dream of Yangzhou in ten years and win the fame of the brothel

3. Even the spring breeze of the 10th grade can't make you feel fat

4. read more books

5. So & hellip; should read more & hellip; & hellip;

6. Zhou Dongyu looks at it and is silent. Zhang Yishan looks at it and wants to hit people