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Do you have the best 10 smartphones in 2018 there are many people who are very concerned about the development of mobile phones. Let's take a look at the top 10 smart phone sales in 2018.

Screen 18 / 9 or 19 / 9, with or without notches, bent or not... In the mobile jungle released in 2018, it's usually hard to make a choice. Here is the best smartphone for the editing team. Although Apple's iPhone x, released in November last year, led sales in the first quarter of this year, competition has begun since. While some are clearly inspired by Apple's flagship products, others stand out, sometimes at competitive prices.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei is working hard and paying a price. After the introduction of the compelling P10 in 2017, but not very innovative, its new P20 Pro high-end market is mainly to lure photography enthusiasts. In terms of design, Chinese brands follow the trend of iPhone x introduction. Its appearance is clearly inspired by Apple's flagship product, with its unique gap at the top of the widescreen OLED 19:9th 6.1-inch screen. Make a nice flat panel, especially because the color rendering is configurable and you can choose a saturated color, but it is pleasing or normal to display and more realistic. The smartphone's owners will focus on a new detail: its photo device is the most comprehensive on the market. Because, in addition to its front self timer sensor, its back movement is not two, but three sensors. In testing, the concept is not just aesthetic. As a result, the P20 Pro combines two lens photos, the third being used as a 'hybrid zoom'. Specifically, the first in series has a 40 mpixel sensor dedicated to color and another 20 mpixels (designed with Leica) for black and white. This duet provides clear and accurate photos, and still rarely sees image quality on mobile devices. As for the third sensor (8 mpixels), it provides three times zoom and defocus effect (background blur) to enlarge the human image. Very complete, P20 Pro will provide a beautiful creative freedom for amateur photographers.

Sony Xperia xz2

With its new Xperia xz2, Sony has clearly made a choice to meet the needs of video lovers. The Japanese company, known for its TVs and cameras, decided to combine its expertise in image processing with the first mobile device capable of shooting at 4K HDR. Technology is expected to show very realistic color rendering while providing brighter images in dark areas. Most importantly, the xz2 can provide the photographer with a complete panorama to find a convincing lens without burdening himself. Therefore, Ultra HD can be shot in full HD or HD. A shake proof five axis ensures smooth video in motion, while its ultra slow motion mode takes up to 960 frames per second in full HD slow motion. It's the only market, the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 movie has 960 frames per second, but only HD. In addition, Sony Mobile has a 19 megapixel sensor with a focal length of 25 mm and an opening time of F / 2. What makes it so comfortable with photos. In addition to this technical advantage, Sony also reviewed the overall design of the Xperia series, which has a more rounded design, including a protruding rear shell for better grip. Its frame combines glass and metal to form a 5.7-inch 18 / 9E screen. The full HD display also offers attractive HDR rendering.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + &;

As the benchmark of the mobile market and Apple's iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series ushered in new flagship products S9 and S9 +. We must not seek a breakthrough in design, because these models are similar to the S8 released last year, with XXL arc screen and bending, and the same super AMOLED board, 5.8 and 6,2 inches respectively. Only by changing, the fingerprint sensor has been moved to its back for integration under the camera device. Therefore, S9 series is mainly developed under its chassis. Behind the lens of its rear camera is a technology that Samsung has provided many functions to distinguish itself, enabling it to turn on F: 2.4 or F: 1.5. If the first option is reserved for well lit photos (landscape, ext...), the second option is the recording of the mobile device. f: The aperture of 1.5 provides more light for its sensor, and it is very good for shooting with insufficient light. In addition, it also adopts the ultra slow motion mode, which can take 960 images per second. Samsung also works with AKG audio experts to provide speakers with more immersive sound effects. Finally, the Korean company also launched animated emoticons. A facial recognition system is sought here to create a customizable and interesting avatar.


&#Should high-end services be sold at a high price. The Chinese brand has won a good reputation in the field of super competitive mobile phones. There is nothing to be humiliated by the celebrities in the field, Samsung, apple and Huawei. It launched the oneplus 6 this year. In the tradition of its predecessors, it has put forward many arguments for mobile users to find powerful notebook computers with modern design, with a budget of about 500 euros (not included). The brand's flagship product 2018 uses a gap screen from Apple's iPhone X. As a result, oneplus 6 offers a full HD screen with a flat XXL of 6.18 inches. When looking at photos and videos, it's very bright and likeable. Note that the user can remove the notches from their plate at any time and choose the black background that is specifically designed to hide it. In terms of design, the brand is finally made of glass, and the back shell with mirror or matte finish is the best. It is also decorated with a double photo lens, which provides a striking image and a beautiful landscape effect (blurred background) for the portrait. However, its sensors are not suitable for permanent environment in low light.

LG G7 ThinQ

After the excellent G6, it's a pity that we didn't find its audience. LG launched its new flagship G7 thinq count, which sparked the general trend of the mobile Department of the South Korean giant in 2018 to follow the gap display (possibly with the choice of refractory materials). The 6.1-inch IPS panel is very bright and attractive, but unfortunately the OLED technology used by LG V30 was released just a few months ago. Manufacturers are also focused on glass dressing their high-end models, combined with metal. Materials are now the minimum requirement for high-end segments. For the attention of enthusiasts, the integrated DAC is used to process the sound of its jack, which is a miracle. It will also activate the quad DAC option in the settings to make the most of it.

​ however, in terms of photos, the G7 stands out with interesting devices. Its dual back lens is composed of two 16 mpixel sensors, providing a highly efficient series connection. Super wide angle provides interesting images for fans of travel and large space. They don't want to carry cameras and travel lights. With thinq, G7 relies on artificial intelligence. The device is compatible with Google intelligent assistant and highlights the scene of automatic recognition system to improve the shooting effect. This year's technology is becoming popular on all Android phones. The G7 thinq is very convenient to use and has a typical appearance. It is a high-quality mobile phone compared with competitors. Unfortunately, however, LG didn't choose a design that beat its competitors like the G6 did.

HTC U12 +

It was one of the best surprises of the year. HTC, whose mobile unit was acquired by Google, has not given up the idea of making smartphones under its brand. U12 + is shown as an example high-end model. Like many competitors, it uses an 18:9 screen with a 6-inch surface. Its ergonomics, while well thought out, is driven by attractive designs, mainly in its' Blue translucent 'version, with its back surface exposed to its internal components. A good effect, so that he is different from other markets at this point. In terms of technology, the object is well equipped, including very complete photographic equipment. Because there are four sensors in U12 +: two at the front and two at the back. Our idea is to put forward the effect of scattered scenes in self shooting mode and classic lens. The HTC carries a main camera module equipped with a first sensor 12 megapixel wide angle and a second sensor 16 megapixel optical zoom (10 times digital). The result is that the photo is very correct in daylight, but not very comfortable in low light. The suit is still very attractive and versatile. In terms of use, U12 + last year adopted the edge sense technology introduced by U11, which increased the sensitivity. This allows you to open and access the application simply by pressing the slice of the device. Sensing edge thus detects palm pressure, such as opening the camera automatically without unlocking its mobile device. An interesting system, but not necessary. Finally, the U12 + HTC is displayed as a beautiful and well-equipped mobile phone, and it is not known whether its price range is appropriate (excluding 800 euros). The competition between apple, Samsung and Huawei is still fierce.

Millet, mix 2S &;

​ mark appreciates insiders' appreciation of high-tech products, and Xiaomi is officially launched in France. Experts from the world's fifth largest mobile device manufacturer, nicknamed 'apple of China', who connect to objects (home automation, robot vacuum cleaners and even electric scooters), yesterday launched the high-end smartphone: Mi mix 2S. With many assets, the model we tested in the preview intends to compete with the high-end products in the market. Start with a sign that stands out from the crowd. So unlike the slot screen inspired by Apple's iPhone x, Xiaomi chose to offer a tablet with almost no edges. Almost because the marker reverses the problem of placing the selfie camera at the bottom of the front. This technique enables its 18 inch / 9 inch Full HD display to display video that cannot be trimmed. This detail also helps differentiate the phone from competitors. Most importantly, Xiaomi has equipped its flagship with the preferred backlight photography equipment. Integrated with ceramic housing, two sensors, each 12 mpixels, provide an opening between F / 1.8 and F / 2.4. In the test, the image shows excellent accuracy, especially in low light conditions.

Glory 10​

Hoor, a Huawei subsidiary, usually bounces back within the scope of its parent company to provide a more affordable version, but does not skimp on quality. In the context of the growing importance of mid tier smartphones (€ 400-600), glory has chosen to impose new flagship products thanks to the quality of the look and interesting details. The honor 10 is reminiscent of the Huawei P20. Less than 400 euros, he has a good argument. Again, given its price range, there is a 5.8-inch screen IPS gap, and its rendering is very good. Its glass shell provides attractive advanced rendering while retaining the fingerprint recognizer at the front. The object also includes a dual main photoelectric sensor, one dedicated to 16 mpixels color processing, the other for 24 mpixels black and white. The pair that has been verified, especially in low light conditions, have exquisite image processing skills. Camera devices also enjoy the use of artificial intelligence to identify scenes. However, the last one is worth perfecting because we have noticed the saturation of color many times.