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Can we eat watermelon after autumn? Why can't we eat watermelon after the beginning of autumn?

Can you still eat watermelon after the beginning of autumn? It is often the last time to eat watermelon in this year. Because the weather gets cold in the morning and evening after the beginning of autumn, eating cool things will have an impact on the stomach, so you will not eat watermelon after the beginning of autumn. In fact, eating watermelon is related to the stomach!

The reason why people can't eat watermelon after the beginning of autumn is also the folk saying that they can't eat watermelon at the beginning of autumn. This saying holds that watermelon belongs to cold and cool food. Even in summer, they shouldn't eat too much, because the body heat in summer sends out the body surface, the stomach and intestines are cold and cold. Eating melon will make the body colder and may cause human diseases. When the weather turns cold like this in the beginning of autumn, they can't eat watermelon even more Now.

According to a professional doctor, whether or not you can eat watermelon in the beginning of autumn depends on the constitution of the person who eats the watermelon. The person with strong spleen and stomach can continue to enjoy the sweet and delicious taste of the watermelon. However, the person with stomach disease should avoid eating the frozen watermelon after the beginning of autumn. Because of the high sugar content of the watermelon, diabetic patients should also avoid eating too much. In addition, pregnant women should not eat more frozen watermelon, which is easy to eat too much It can cause diarrhea or gestational diabetes; for patients with congestive heart failure and chronic kidney disease, the rapid increase of water content will increase the burden on the heart and kidney after eating too much, and it is not suitable to eat too much.

Why can't you eat watermelon after autumn?

Watermelon is the seasonal fruit at present. Generally speaking, as long as it is not anti seasonal fruit, it can be eaten. Moreover, eating some watermelon in proper amount is very nutritious, with many benefits. Watermelon tastes sweet and juicy, and contains a lot of glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acid, guava and rich vitamin C, which can supplement the nutrition needed by human body, relieve heat and prevent heatstroke, and improve Good at edema, reduce blood pressure and prevent dehydration.

However, after the beginning of autumn, the weather is cold and cold, and it is not suitable for everyone to eat watermelon:

People with deficiency of the spleen and stomach should not eat more watermelon: watermelon is cold, and it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach if they eat more. Therefore, people with deficiency of the spleen and stomach must pay attention to eating watermelon.

Diabetes patients should be less: the sugar content in watermelon is higher, diabetes patients should not eat too much, which will lead to the increase of blood sugar and urine sugar.

At the beginning of the cold, the patients are not suitable to eat watermelon: no matter it is cold or hot, it is not suitable to eat watermelon at the beginning. The function of clearing the inside and heating the watermelon will aggravate the disease.

The elderly and children should eat less: the spleen and stomach function and heart and kidney function of the elderly are weakened, and the children should not eat too much watermelon because the organ function is not yet fully developed.

Pregnant women and parturients should eat less watermelon: if pregnant women eat too much sugar, it will increase the sugar concentration in the blood, which is harmful to the health of their babies and themselves; but the maternal body is weak, watermelon is cold, eating watermelon will damage the spleen and stomach.