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When will hammer nut Pro 3 be released? Price forecast for configuration of hammer nut Pro 3 in May this year, hammer technology released the flagship machine nut R1 with the lowest sense of existence in the bird's nest, and the hammer TNT workstation with diapers. However, the nut Pro series with the highest hammer technology attention was not mentioned at the conference in May. When will hammer nut Pro 3 be released? How about the performance of nut Pro 3? Let's take a look.

Hammer's nut Pro product line launched a special version of nut Pro 2 in a low-key manner after nut R1 was released. The processor dropped from Xiaolong 660 to Xiaolong 636, and the price was 1899 yuan. As a mid-range product of hammer mobile phone, nut Pro 3 is positioned higher than nut 3, and its price is lower than nut R1. It is a moderate product, but it can experience the unique smartisan OS system, which is good as a standby machine.

Although there is no official information about the nut Pro 3, a new hammer model E106 has recently passed the national 3C certification, with the date of issue of July 12. According to the certificate, the machine is commissioned by Guangdong Enoch Communication Co., Ltd., equipped with hammer cd101 and cd107 quick charging heads, supporting 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a and 12V / 1.5A, i.e. output specifications of up to 18W. Although it is not known which oe106 is, according to the update of hammer's current product line, the probability of nut Pro 3 is the highest.

It is worth mentioning that in late June, a new hammer model oe103 appeared on the website of the national radio administration and obtained the approval of radio transmission model, but no other configuration was leaked. The prefixes of oe103 and oe106 are exactly the same. Now it seems that there may be two different versions of nut Pro 3.

Before nut 3 was released, a countdown chart of hammer technology's internal new products was exposed on the Internet. At present, Oscar is known as nut 3, revolution one as nut R1, Trident / Trinity should be TNT, so nut Pro 3 is likely to be the ocean to be distributed on August 21 according to the time calculation. ​​​​​​​

At present, there are not many expositions about nut Pro 3, but it is generally speculated that the machine will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 710 mobile platform and full screen design. As for which type of full screen almost is not easy to say, it should be one of the three types of full screen design, namely nut Pro 2, nut 3 and nut R1.

Of course, all of the above are speculation based on the model and charger configuration, and the authenticity remains to be confirmed. At the same time, although the hammer technology in the past will hold the "2018 summer new product launch" in Shanghai on August 14, there is no follow-up news for the official launch of nut Pro 3. But Luo Yonghao recently revealed in an interview that hammer technology's next product is expected to appear in late summer and early autumn, so it's possible that nut Pro 3 series will meet us soon. You can wait and see.