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Looking back on diopus Suning's first show, who is on diopus Suning's first show list

July 17, 19:352018 the 12th round of China Ping An Super League, Beijing man and vs Jiangsu Suning e-buy, this game is the first show of new aid Diop, and the game is played again after 317 days.

in the game, Diop performed well, a header was quite threatening, the returning masika also gave a shot at the end of the game, but the ball missed, and finally the whole game ended with 0-0, the Beijing people of ten people and, in the away game, fought back one point tenaciously. In 13 minutes, mukangio's midfield was chased back and his right cross was damaged, then his teammates were relieved.

In 16 minutes, both the man and the two long-range shots failed to play and were blocked by the defender. Diop used his body to grab the ball in 21 minutes and was confiscated by Gu Chao.

27 minutes Zhu Baojie cross, Diop header was confiscated by Gu Chao.

In the 35th minute, Wang Gang hit Li Ang in the penalty area and got a foul.

After 40 minutes of free kicks, Diop was sent off to smash the goalkeeper.

One minute later, Diop was fouled with a handball after he hit the door in the penalty area.

54 minutes and out of tactical corner, Cao Yongjing cross in the restricted area was blocked by Suning guard.

Jiangsu Suning vs Beijing Renhe, list of two teams

Jiangsu Suning e-commerce Co., Ltd.: 1-gu Chao, 2-li ang, 3-tian Yinong, 5-zhou Yun, 10-texela, 11-xie Pengfei, 18-zhang Lingfeng (U23), 22-wu Xi, 28-yang Xiaotian, 29-paleta, 38-boajiye

Jiangsu Suning e-buy substitutes: 6-yang Boyu, 12-zhang Xiaobin, 16-gao Tianyi (U23), 20-abuduhaimiti (U23), 23-li Haitao (U23), 32-huang Zichang (U23), 33-wang song

Beijingers and substitutes: 12 Zhang lie, 4 Luo Xin, 5 Wan Houliang, 11 Zhu Baojie, 13 Shi Liang, 15 Chen Jie, 20 Cao Yongjing (U23), 22 Wang Gang, 31 Rao Weihui, 38 mucanjiao, 39 Diop Beijingers and substitutes: 2 Yu Bin (U23), 7 masika, 14 Wang Xuanhong, 16 Xiang Hantian (U23), 23 Liu Yang, 25 Li Chen (U23), 29 Nizamuddin