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How many times is the 2018 Russia world cup

Sihaiwang: the 2018 Russia world cup just ended recently. The enthusiasm of the game is still long-standing. From 1930 to July 15, 2018, the world cup has been held for 21 times, with 7 teams winning the world cup. Brazil is the only team that has won the world cup five times, and the only team that has the World Cup trophy permanently, known as the five-star team. Here is a review of the previous World Cup champions. Let's have a look at the details of the 2018 World Cup!

World Cup Winners

The first - 1930 Uruguay world cup champion: Uruguay

There are no preliminary contests in this cup, only 13 national teams have signed up, and two South American countries, Uruguay and Argentina, have joined hands to enter the final. Uruguay's national football team became the first World Cup champion.

The first World Cup has ushered in a new era for world football.

The 2nd - 1934 Italian World Cup champion: Italy

For the first time, the cup was broadcast live on the radio.

Italy competed with Czechoslovakia for the title and won the world cup for the first time.

The 3rd - 1938 French World Cup champion: Italy

In this cup, the last champion and host team directly entered the final stage. The rules for the last champion to enter the finals directly in the world cup were not cancelled until the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. At the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Brazil, the last champion, also participated in the South American qualifying competition.

The final is between Italy and Hungary, with Italy winning 4-2. Italy also became the first team to win the world cup in a row.

4th - 1950 Brazil World Cup champion: Uruguay

After the first round of group round robin, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Sweden are in the top four. They need to decide the champion again in the form of round robin. The match between Brazil and Uruguay is the final battle in fact. This game is staged at Maracana stadium. The veteran Uruguay team withstood the pressure on the field and off the field and won the world cup for the second time.

For the first time, the number of spectators exceeded 1 million and set a World Cup record of 60000 spectators per game. Brazilian player ademir won the best shooter award, scoring seven goals in the game. It is also worth mentioning that during the whole cup match, no one was sent off. Probably after the baptism of the Second World War, people valued harmony and friendliness even more.

The 5th - 1954 Swiss World Cup winner: Federal Republic of Germany

The cup was held in five cities in Switzerland, scoring 140 goals in 26 games, which made the fans feast their eyes. The average score of 5.38 goals per game is also the highest in the World Cup finals. For the first time in this cup, the players put on the jerseys with the numbers printed on them. In addition, television was first used to broadcast the world cup.

Germany took part in the world cup for the first time after World War II and won the championship in the final against Hungary, which is known as the "uncrowned king", and started their brilliant course in the world cup.

6th - 1958 Sweden world cup champion: Brazil

The big star of this game is Brazil's 17-year-old talent player Bailey. He works as a left winger, with galincha, Zagallo and vava forming the sharpest forward line in the world. Another star is France's Fang Dan, who is the first star to score in every match in the World Cup finals, setting the highest record of 13 goals in a world cup that no one has ever broken.

The host country, Sweden, played well and entered the Champions League final to compete with Brazil for the title. But Brazilian art football soon proved its power to the world, with Brazil winning the world cup for the first time.

China took part in the World Cup qualifier for the first time, but failed to get the qualification.

The 7th - 1962 Chile world cup champion: Brazil

The tournament is known as the roughest World Cup in history, with players sent off in almost every game. Three days into the game, 34 players were lifted off the field.

Brazil beat Czechoslovakia to become the third team to win the World Cup twice, setting off a fierce 'yellow storm' in the world.

The 8th - 1966 England World Cup champion: England

The biggest black horse in this tournament belongs to North Korea. He is the first Asian team to enter the second round of the world cup.

In the championship competition between England and Federal Germany, Hurst of England team became the hero of the host country. He became the only player who performed "hat trick" in the final so far, and the country of origin of modern football team first stepped on the championship platform. The British have innovated the '442' formation in this competition, which is still used by many teams. In the final of the second Championship between England and Germany, the referee's controversial decision and 'Wembley goal' have also become the outstanding cases and classics in the history of the world cup.

9th - 1970 Mexico world cup champion: Brazil

With the development of football on all continents, FIFA decided for the first time to hold the world cup outside Europe and South America, and finally chose Mexico. In the semi-final, Italy and Germany played the most fierce game in the history of the world cup. In the extra time game, Italy scored a goal and won 4-3. In the championship competition, Brazil finally defeated Italy 4-1 and won a landmark victory. It became the first team to win three times in the history of the World Cup, and permanently occupied the 'Rimet Cup'.

10th - 1974 German World Cup champion: Federal Germany

This tournament is in the upsurge of the world football technology innovation, represented by the "all attack and all defense" created by the Dutch, bringing new vitality to football.

The Bundeswehr team also innovated the tactics of "free man" which had a far-reaching influence on the later generations. At last, the two teams played a final that was forever recorded in history. In the cheers of the whole audience, the German team won the 2-1 victory in a spectacular reversal under the disadvantageous situation of losing one goal first in the opening! The second time, the football emperor Beckenbauer announced his coronation. This world cup is also recognized as the beginning of real modern football, opening the era of the "Hercules Cup".

The 11th - 1978 Argentina world cup champion: Argentina

This world cup has achieved a historic breakthrough. For the first time, more than 100 teams participated in the preliminary competition.

Argentina competed for the title with Holland, the last runner up. In the end, Argentina led Holland to second place again by 3-1. This is the fifth time in the history of the world cup that the host country has won the championship.

12th - 1982 Spanish World Cup champion: Italy

The cup expanded to 24 teams.

Italy and West Germany fight for the championship. Italy became the second country to win three World Cup titles after Brazil. Rossi also won the best shooter and player award in this cup with 6 goals.

The 13th - 1986 Mexico world cup champion: Argentina

Colombia, the host country of the world cup, has given up because of financial difficulties. Mexico replaced Colombia to host the world cup and became the first country to host two world cups. Before the world cup, there was a huge earthquake.

Argentina competed with Germany for the championship. Maradona showed his talent as the best player in the cup, which became the stage of his performance. Argentina finally won the championship.

14th - 1990 Italian World Cup champion: Federal Republic of Germany

The overall level of the cup is very high. The heroes are 'football Emperor' Beckenbauer and his German 'Troika', best striker skilach and veteran Mila. The champion finally belongs to the Federal Republic of Germany, which, like Italy and Brazil, has become the country that has won the world cup three times.

The cup attracted nearly 26.7 billion TV viewers, with ticket revenue of US $140 million.

15th - 1994 US World Cup champion: Brazil

The World Cup finals are full of exciting scenes and amazing goals. Saudi Arabia broke into the last 16 and won the honor for Asian football. The biggest tragedy in this cup is that Colombian player escobain scored the ball into his own goal and was killed when he returned home.

In the final final, Brazil and Italy won three World Cup titles each. In 120 minutes, the match didn't divide into high and low points. After a penalty shoot out, Baggio missed the penalty. The Brazilian won the cup again and became the first country in the world to win four World Cup titles.

16th - 1998 French World Cup champion: France

The tournament expanded to 32 teams. The biggest black horse was Croatia, who entered the World Cup finals for the first time. After the collapse of Qiannan, they won the third place for the first time. Suk became the best shooter of the tournament.

July 12 became the French Festival. In the final, midfielder Zinedine Zidane headed twice in the first half, setting up a winning situation for the French team. Finally, France beat Brazil 3-0 to win. People don't understand Ronaldo's poor performance in the final.

17th - 2002 Korea Japan World Cup champion: Brazil

For the first time in the history of the world cup, the two countries jointly hosted it. In this cup, the weak and the strong came out frequently, and several hot winning teams stopped in the group match. German team in the situation of not being looked forward to, with the help of super star Klose, Kahn and Ballack's outstanding performance, they made it all the way to the final, and finally fell to the feet of Brazil, which led by the 3R star assisted team to the 'sunrise', and Brazil won the world cup for the fifth time. South Korea, the host country, has repeatedly relied on the referee's controversial decision to break through the barrier to get the fourth place, creating a new record in the history of the world cup for Asian teams. China entered the World Cup finals for the first time, but failed to score in three group matches, failing to score 9 goals and 0 points.

18th - 2006 German World Cup champion: Italy

This tournament attaches great importance to the defense of the overall technical and tactical content is very high, the top four are all European teams. The host German team, with the courage of striker Klose, made it to the top four and wrote a fairy tale of a summer. Unfortunately, they lost to Italy at the end of the extra time match in the semi-final, but the offensive football they showed conquered countless fans all over the world. In the final, Italy defeated France on penalties with strong defense and cohesion to win the championship. Zidane shocked the world when he hit Italy defender Materazzi with his head in extra time and was sent off with a red card.

19th - 2010 South Africa World Cup champion: Spain

This is the first time that African countries hold the world cup, which indicates that African football is gradually stepping into the peak. This world cup has been very popular. The champions and runners up of the last World Cup have both returned home before they qualified in the group. South Africa also became the first host country to fail in the World Cup group. Ghana, a native African team, made the top 8 by accident, becoming the only African country to make the top 16. Asia's Japan and South Korea are in the top 16. Germany set off a youth storm in the cup, killing England and Argentina with big scores. The elegant and fast offensive football brought the fans great enjoyment. Germany's legendary striker Klose creates a mythical continuity