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It's just selfie? Huawei Nova 3 release time summary of highlights of Huawei Nova 3

Sihai network: Huawei's mobile phone as a domestic machine is very popular with people. On July 18, Huawei will release Huawei's nova3 new machine. Different from the past, the configuration of the new machine has been exposed on the official website before the press conference. As a new machine of the nova3 series, it not only continues to play the role of beauty and photography, but also has a great upgrade. Let's look at what Huawei's nova3 is worth looking forward to Highlights.

On the appearance, Huawei nova3's blue and purple color is similar to Huawei P20's gradual color, and there are light AI blue, primrose gold, bright black and other solid colors. It's not clear whether starlight will continue to launch more trend colors. From the exposed pictures, it's the rear fingerprint, and there is no Huawei logo on the front, so it can be inferred that the chin frame should be narrow.

In terms of performance, Huawei's nova3 will be equipped with Kirin 970 processor, artificial intelligence processor equipped with NPU neural network unit, Huawei's' scary 'GPU turbo technology, and 3750mah large battery. Such a configuration can be described as full of material.

Huawei's nova3 is a girl with high beauty in appearance and a man with full muscles in performance. Huawei's nova3 new machine can be said to have both beauty and performance. It seems that it is thin but has meat, but there may be more highlights. The Qilin 970 processor standard for Huawei's mainstream mobile phones is also worth looking forward to in AI.

After reading the appearance and configuration of Huawei's nova3, I may not think it has enough highlights. After all, Huawei's nova3 series has won a large number of fans by taking photos. How can there be no information about taking photos. Next let's look at some of the photographic revolutions.

It is known that the front 24 megapixel HD camera of Huawei nova3 is equipped with 2 megapixel professional virtual lens, and the back should be the traditional 24 megapixel black-and-white lens with 16 megapixel color dual lens. Huawei camera adds more scene shooting modes.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei's nova3 may adopt hardware level backlight imaging technology, so that it can also shock the photos in the backlight environment, really saving a lot of photographers.

The post professional AI dual camera can not only restore the rich details of the characters and scenes, but also restore the real color. It can intelligently recognize the AI of various scenes, automatically configure the camera parameters more intelligently, and the photos taken at will can also have a very professional effect.

It is known that the "magic sky" of AI short video will be added in subsequent software versions, and the fun of playing will be increased a lot.

HUAWEI nova3's' bangs' wide spectrum camera and infrared light recognition technology can quickly extract facial information and match facial features. Such collocation can easily unlock in dark and non light environment. It is reported that the subsequent software upgrade push will also increase Alipay's face payment, so payment will be more convenient.

The configuration of Huawei's nova3 has basically been revealed. It's estimated that many people are ready to see such a look and configuration. Now, what they are looking forward to most is the price of Huawei's nova3. Let's wait and see.

How about Huawei's nova3? Netizens commented that the sales volume of the single product was too poor, and they tried their best to release new models! Huawei's high-end products started from P9, with each model breaking 10 million yuan. The oppo R series was updated twice a year, with each model breaking 10 million yuan!

The above is the summary of highlights of Huawei's nova3. On July 18, it was released not only by the Party of beauty, but also by Huawei's nova3. Are you interested in a new machine?