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Tiktok tiktok, what is Sun Wei's voice? What is Sun Wei's stalk?

Sihai tiktok: Recently, Sun Wei has been very popular. Almost every comment in the video shows Sun Wei. Then we have to question. Who is Sun Wei? What happened to Sun Wei? Here's what tiktok is going to know about Sun Wei.

Tiktok Sun Wei?

Interview a woman on the street and ask her what she wants to say to her ex. The woman said: Sun Wei, although I love you, I can't help but want to scold you. As a good girl like me, you want to break up with me. Are you blind? If you meet a boy named Sun Wei in the future, please don't fall in love with him, because this is what my mother uses.

The words in front are so cruel, but the end is so lonely, which proves a truth that the deepest one is often the deepest one.

Because the video tiktok and the female performance reaction, cause the sound of the sound is the whole city search Sun Wei for a while. The topic of "looking for Sun Wei" appeared on Weibo.

Anyway, the little sister is still good. I hope she can get out of the haze as soon as possible. It's not sweet to try to make things right, and if her condition is not bad, don't hang herself in a tree.