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Is antipyretic effervescent tablet useful? Can effervescent tablet treat cold

We usually choose cold medicine when we have a cold and fever. Recently, it has been said that effervescent tablets can also treat colds. But is it really the case? Does antipyretic effervescent tablet work? Can effervescent tablet treat cold? Come and have a look!

Does antipyretic effervescent tablet work

It's useful. It's generally used for patients with fever. Drinking a little water of effervescent tablet can relieve the symptoms.

Vitamin C effervescent tablet is an effective drug for the treatment of scurvy. When you have a fever, you should not only take vitamin C to treat it. You don't need to be too flustered to treat the disease. Finding the right medicine is the key. Remember not to take too much vitamin C for a long time. Once you stop taking vitamin C, it is easy to cause scurvy, and it may also cause diarrhea and headache. If the attack comes out, insist on eating.

In addition, drink more water and rest more. The symptoms of the attack are much lighter than that of not eating. It's also faster. It's only two to three days at most. The general influenza cycle takes about a week. I still need to eat for about two or three days when I feel fast and good, so I can consolidate it.

Can effervescent tablet treat cold

It can cure the cold and relieve it. But the best way to treat the cold is to choose a special cold medicine, the general effervescent tablets can not play a big role.

1. The principle that effervescent tablet can prevent and cure cold is very simple. Vitamin C can improve people's immunity, and effervescent tablets contain a lot of vitamin C. So generally speaking, your own immune system is fighting against the virus, and it will not have too much side effects. It's better not to take western medicine, which has little effect and is toxic. If you have a fever, take some antipyretics or go to the hospital for a drip. If you have a cough, you can also take some cough syrup, but it's just a treatment.

2. Vitamin C effervescent tablets can be used to prevent and treat scurvy, acute and chronic infectious diseases and purpura. When Keshan disease patients have cardiogenic shock, they can be treated with large dose of this product. For the treatment of chronic iron poisoning, vitamin C can promote the complexation of iron with iron amine and accelerate the iron discharge. It is effective in the treatment of idiopathic methemoglobinemia. It is used for the treatment of liver cirrhosis, acute hepatitis and chronic poisoning such as arsenic, mercury, lead and benzene.

Side effects of drinking effervescent tablets

1. Effervescent tablet is a kind of disintegrating agent which can improve the immune function. It contains many kinds of vitamins and has many benefits to human body. However, the harm of taking effervescent tablet for a long time is very great. A little excess will easily increase the burden on the heart, especially if you take too much sodium, it will also cause the burden on all aspects of the body.

2. Don't overeat vitamin C effervescence, especially 30 mg per day can meet the needs of the human body, and take a large amount of vitamin C for a long time. Once you stop taking vitamin C, you will have various complications, such as gum bleeding, severe subcutaneous ecchymosis, and so on. Even some people often drink effervescence tablets to prevent colds. In fact, take excessive vitamin C effervescence for a long time Tengpian can also increase cardiovascular disease.