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What's the advantage of women eating black plum? Effect and function of black plum

Wumei is good for appetite. Wumei has some unexpected effects. Do you want to know what's the advantage of women eating Wumei? Xiaobian will show you

for the female friends with liver fire, eating more mume can not only reduce the liver fire, but also help the spleen and stomach digest and nourish the liver.

And for the women who are in a bad mood, eating sour plum every day can make their mood happy.

Wumei can be used for tonifying deficiency, moistening lung, strengthening tendons and activating collaterals, strengthening physique. It can be used for lumbar muscle strain, rheumatoid arthritis, treating lung heat, cough due to deficiency of lung, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, enuresis, leucorrhea. Tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening the muscles and bones, tonifying the spleen and Qi.

Dark plum is safe and nontoxic. As the raw materials are mainly from grain, they are absolutely safe and reliable, and will not cause harm to human health. It is biodegradable. After being diluted by a lot of water in nature, it is easy to be biodegraded by the action of oxygen, heat, light and microorganism. The decomposition pathway is generally transformed into carbon dioxide and water by aconitic acid, itaconic acid and limonic acid.

In addition, Wumei is rich in organic acids and minerals. Its calcium content and iron content are several times more than that of banana. It is a rare snack. Sour plum contains a lot of citric acid, which can effectively inhibit lactic acid, and expel the harmful substances that aging blood vessels. If you feel tired after driving or staying up late, you can get yourself a cup of plum juice to refresh yourself.

In addition, dark plum can promote the secretion of salivary gland and gastric juice gland, so it can generate saliva and quench thirst, and avoid carsickness when traveling, it can also help to sober up, give vitality to muscles, muscles and blood vessels, etc., which is really beneficial!

All of the above are good introductions for women who I know how to eat Wumei. After listening to my friends, I often eat some Wumei. It's very delicious with sour, sour and sweet taste. My appetite is really better. When I take a car, I come here several times, and my carsickness will be relieved. In this way, there will be the shadow of Wumei in my bag. Every time, I will eat it with relish Now.