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What harm does pulling wisdom tooth have to human body? Is it silly to pull out wisdom teeth

Many people have wisdom teeth, so what harm does wisdom teeth do to human body? Is it silly to pull out wisdom teeth? Xiaobian will show you

secondly, if wisdom teeth have brought a threat to oral health, they must be removed. As follows: to cause caries of adjacent teeth, influence root absorption of adjacent teeth, caries, repeated inflammation, improper position, no occlusion, etc., all of these situations should be removed. After pulling out the wisdom teeth, you won't be silly. After the anesthetic, you will have some pain. You can take painkillers. After 2 hours, you can eat soft food and liquid food. Do not brush your teeth within 24 hours. Pulling out wisdom teeth may cause nerve damage. Once the lower alveolar nerve is injured, it will cause numbness in the lower lip and gums of the lower anterior teeth, but it will not become silly. Most of this situation can be recovered. So if there are hidden wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth that have made you uncomfortable, pull them out. People will not be stupid.

The reason why wisdom teeth are called "wisdom" teeth is that they sprout at the age of 18-20. It is the age when people grow up, and their mental development is gradually mature, not related to IQ and intelligence. So, those who say that pulling wisdom teeth is stupid can withdraw & hellip; & hellip;

The growth direction of wisdom teeth in modern people is varied, which is mainly due to the lack of space for wisdom teeth to sprout, resulting in the abnormal growth direction. If the direction is not normal, removing is a very difficult thing. The mandible wisdom tooth is close to the inferior alveolar nerve, some wisdom teeth and even roots have been extended into the neural tube, so the risk of extraction is greater, if not handled well, there will be serious sequelae, light, numb face, heavy, one side lose consciousness. Therefore, it is very important to take X-ray before wisdom tooth extraction. Doctors are responsible for you and protect themselves.

after all the wisdom teeth have been pulled out and the stitches have healed, I feel more relaxed and comfortable than ever before. There is no so-called stupidity. And a lot of brushing. It's really hard to extract wisdom teeth. Doctors are hammers and saws hammering and sawing in their mouths. It really hurts. Although I have been drugged, the pain I said is not true. But after the anaesthetic, you can't help drooling, don't know how to swallow it and use a tooth extraction hammer to hammer it. You will feel that your chin is gone. When you feel the presence of your chin, it's after the anesthetic, followed by the pain. If you can't bear it, you can take ibuprofen painkillers or stick ice cubes in the refrigerator on your cheek, which also plays an analgesic role. In the wound has not healed, do not eat hot hot things, so as to avoid infection of the wound in the mouth.

It depends on the position of your wisdom teeth. Some of the roots of wisdom teeth touch the nerves. It will really become silly if you don't take care of it. However, dentists will see whether the patient is suitable for wisdom tooth extraction according to the dental film. If it's really close to the nerve, the dentist dare not pull it out for you. If the tooth is pulled out and touches the nerve, it may become silly. And in a large hospital wisdom tooth extraction must sign the consent. It's going to be filmed when I pull out my teeth. No one knows where the nerve in his mouth grows. If he accidentally touches his tooth and becomes stupid, he will lose more than he gains.