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Nine common sense of eye health

we often compare our eyes to 'windows of the mind'. Bright eyes are the beginning of leaving a good impression on others. Nowadays, the pressure of work and study makes our eyes more and more fragile. Like health, the more we overdraw, the greater the harm. In terms of eye care, ophthalmologists have many unique tricks to explain their own eye care secrets in detail.

Don't rub your eyes.

When the eyes are uncomfortable, people subconsciously rub them with their hands. It's not surprising that there are the most bacteria on your hands. A US study found that a pair of unwashed hands may contain hundreds of thousands of bacteria, which can cause various eye diseases, especially red eye disease. Therefore, do not rub your eyes with dirty hands. If your eyes are uncomfortable, wash your hands first, then close your eyes and press lightly. If there is any foreign matter, do not rub your eyes with your hands. Close your eyes first, wait until the tears flow out in large quantities, then open your eyes and blink for several times. In most cases, tears will wash out the foreign matter.

Do not use eyedrops indiscriminately.

Because many eyedrops are over-the-counter drugs, many people drop a drop of eyedrops when they feel uncomfortable, and the worse the result is. Don't use eyedrops indiscriminately, you can also use them correctly. Red eyes may not be inflammation, but may also be allergy. If you use anti-inflammatory eyedrops, experts say it will be more serious. Generally, as long as it is in large package, more than 0.4ml of eye drops contain preservatives. If the eyes are only dry and tired, we usually use artificial tears without preservatives.

No contact lenses.

Now the commonly used contact lenses are made of polymer materials, which have poor oxygen permeability. To a certain extent, they hinder the eyes from breathing oxygen directly and make the cornea lack of oxygen. Once bacteria and viruses attack, they are particularly susceptible to infection. It is suggested that frame glasses should be preferred, contact lenses should be worn occasionally, and light should be tested once half a year.

Blink more in winter.

In winter, the weather is very dry. In addition to the attack of heating and air conditioning, it is easier to take away the moisture on the surface of the eye mask and let the eyes dry. Experts say that in the dry season, or long time watching computer and TV, we will blink more, which is equivalent to Moisturizing Massage for eyes. In addition, do not blow your eyes to the air conditioner to avoid dry eye.

Never use eyes for more than 40 minutes.

Experts believe that the right eye habits are the most important to protect the eyes. If you use your eyes for more than 40 minutes at a time, you will have a rest of 10 minutes, look at the distance, or close your eyes and rest for a while, so that your eyes are not easily tired and dry.

Wear sunglasses when you go out.

The eyes are very vulnerable to UV. Not only the skin around the eyes will age, but also the vision will be affected. Therefore, as soon as you go out, especially in summer or to the seaside or mountains where the ultraviolet rays are strong, you should wear sunglasses.

Eat more yellow and green vegetables.

For example, carrots, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, kiwifruit, etc., which are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, can prevent the functional degeneration of eyes.

Play table tennis and turn your eyes more.

Experts said that when playing table tennis, the eyes will rotate with fast moving objects, playing the role of regulation and relaxation, delaying presbyopia and preventing myopia.

Often drink medlar chrysanthemum tea.

Often watching the computer makes Zhang Jian's eyes feel tired, so he often makes himself a cup of medlar and chrysanthemum tea, which has the effects of eyesight, brain rejuvenation and liver nourishing, and can improve dry eye symptoms.