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What vegetables to eat in summer is good for your health

Four seas network: three dog days, is the hottest time of the year, but also the year when the baby is most likely to get sick. At this time of year, adults and children have no appetite. In fact, in summer, we should eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement sufficient nutrition, and keep the fruits and vegetables fresh, which is the best for the body. So what's good for summer? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What's good for summer

Balsam pear

As we all know, balsam pear has a better effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. It can beautify and beautify the skin, make the skin more tender and energetic, relieve heat and eliminate fire. It is also good for the eyes. Children can eat more of course.

However, balsam pear is quite bitter, and its eating method is also very exquisite. Otherwise, children will definitely not eat it, and several eating methods are recommended.

Direct boiling water:

Boiling water directly can relieve the heat.

Bitter Melon in Sauce:

The method of cold mixing bitter gourd is simple. Slice the bitter gourd directly, blanch it, cool it and mix it with a little salt and soy sauce. This method can retain a lot of vitamins.

Stewed spareribs with bitter melon:

Pour the spareribs into the water. When the spareribs are stewed until they are eight mature, put them into balsam pear and continue to stew until they are soft and rotten. After adding salt and seasoning, you can get out of the pot. Some people like to add some soybeans in, which is also delicious. But the soybeans need to be soaked in advance. The shortest time is one hour. When stewing, the spareribs and soybeans are put into the pot together.

Wax gourd

Winter melon is a good medicine in summer. It can not only dissipate phlegm, but also quench thirst, and can't become fat. It can clear away heat and relieve summer heat. The ancients once said: 'if pregnant women often eat it, it can make the fetus poison, and make the child disease-free. 'it can be seen that winter melon is really a must-have at home!

But winter melon really can't eat such a big one at a time, so it's better to eat it several times.

Boiled water of winter melon:

Remember to bring skin, can also play a cool role in the summer.

White gourd and shrimp skin soup:

Slices of winter melon, stir fry slightly, add shrimp skin, put the boiled soup without winter melon, delicious, and promote the appetite of children.

Braised winter melon in brown sauce:

Cut the wax gourd into pieces, add cooking wine, salt and soy sauce, then add the onion to the plate.

Towel gourd

Luffa is rich in many vitamins and minerals. It is a kind of green vegetable that is very suitable for children to eat. It can not only resist allergy, but also clear away heat and fire, strengthen brain, beautify face and stop cough. So it is very suitable for children to eat in summer. But after all, Luffa is a cool food. Remember not to eat too much.

Sauteed Sponge Gourd:

Peel the loofah and cut the hob. Stir fry the garlic slices or mashed garlic. Stir fry the loofah and add a little salt.

Loofah and egg soup:

Remove the skin of loofah and cut the hob. Stir and add the water that has not been used before. After boiling, add the broken egg liquid. Stir. Add salt and other seasonings after boiling to get out of the pot.

Fried egg with towel gourd:

The loofah is peeled and cut into hob pieces. After blanching, it is cooled with cold water. Then start another pot of scrambled eggs. When it is eight years old, put it aside for use. Then add the bottom oil, put the loofah pieces cooled by blanching water and fry them. Before leaving the pot, put the spare eggs in one piece of scrambled eggs and season with salt before leaving the pot.