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French President jumps onto the podium, punches wildly, yells at the winner

At the end of the world cup, France won the championship. The president of France jumped onto the podium and punched and roared. How excited is that? Let's go with Xiaobian

France vs Croatia, the 2018 Russia world cup final, is destined to be one of the most storytelling matches in the history of the World Cup finals. Croatia's manjujic scored one goal with his own own own goal, while pericic scored a penalty. France's top stars, borgba, mbape and grizman, scored one goal each, gallic Rooster beat Croatia 4-2, winning the world cup for the second time in history!

The World Cup final kicked off at Luzhniki Stadium with 78000 spectators, including French President Nicolas makron and Croatian woman president Melinda. At the end of the smile was Marcon. When France won the world cup, Marco was so excited that he jumped onto the podium, shook his arms and punched, roared and celebrated!

the best place to watch the world cup is the podium area. FIFA executives and special guests, such as French President Marcon, Croatian President Belinda and FIFA president ivantino, all sit in this area. The French team won the championship, wearing leather shoes, trousers and tie. At this moment, Ma Kelong is an ordinary and fanatical fan. It's hard to restrain his excitement. He cheered with his arms and left this classic picture.

On social platforms, Marcon's wild celebrations sparked heated debate. Fans exclaimed: 'great photos. At this moment, markron is as happy and happy as winning the world cup. Congratulations to France, congratulations to markron. At such an exciting moment, the French will go crazy. "Every time France scored, Marcon was very excited. When the game is over, makron hugs Croatia's 50 year old female president Corinda. Such a picture also makes people feel the infinite charm and influence of football.

born on December 21, 1977, Marcon is only 40 years old and a fan. Before the world cup, Ma Kelong came to France's training base to express his attitude to the whole team: 'only a successful match is a success!' in Ma Kelong's opinion, the team does not need to have a wonderful process during the world cup, as long as the victory and the championship are OK. Deschamps's French team, it is also true that adhere to the defensive counter attack tactics. Although France scored 4 goals in the final of the world cup (including the urung of manjukiki), the French team had only 34% of the ball control rate in the whole game, 7 times of shooting and 6 times of shooting, relying on the defensive counterattack, French football all the way to the championship podium.