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What are the World Cup awards in Russia 2018

In the early morning of July 16, Beijing time, the 2018 Russia World Cup ended. France beat Croatia 4-2, winning the world cup again 20 years later, and the runner up was the best result in Croatia's World Cup. So what are the World Cup awards? Don't worry, Xiaobian. Let's take a look at the awards of 2018 Russia world cup!

After the final in the early morning, various awards of the 2018 Russia world cup were announced, and the outstanding French 19-year-old mbape won the best Rookie Award; the Croatian midfield core Modric won the golden ball award (the best player); the Belgian goalkeeper kurtuva won the Golden Glove Award (the best goalkeeper); the England Center Kane who scored six goals won the award Golden boot (best shooter).

Awards announced at the 2018 Russia world cup:

World Cup Golden Ball: Modric

World Cup silver ball: Azar

World Cup Bronze Ball: grizman

World Cup Golden boots: Kane

World Cup silver boots: glitzman

World Cup bronze boots: Lukaku

The best goalkeeper in the World Cup: kurtuva

World Cup rookie: mbape

FIFA Fair Play Award: Spain