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What's the matter with the letter of acceptance? Which school did Yi Suo Qian Xi get admitted to

At the end of the college entrance examination, the admission notices of major universities have come out. Many netizens are curious about which school has Yi yisuqian Xi been admitted to? What's the admission notice of Yishuo Qianxi? Let's take a look

after the college entrance examination, it's the time for colleges and universities to issue admission notices. Yishuqianxi has also published his own admission notices. At a young age, yishuqianxi has been in the entertainment circle for a long time but still hasn't dropped his studies. Yishuqianxi's excellent performance has also won the praise of netizens. It is reported that yisuqian Xi took part in this year's college entrance examination, and obtained a total score of 473 points, which exceeded the 132 points of Hunan art undergraduate class. Which school's admission notice is published by yishue Qianxi. On July 16, Yi yiqianxi published the admission notice of Chinese opera on INS. He wrote the number B001 on his admission notice, congratulating the college student yiyiyiqianxi! On July 14, a netizen disclosed the admission list of 2018 drama and television performance Department of the Central Academy of drama on Weibo, including yiyiyiqianxi, Li Randi, Hu Xianxu and other three star candidates. The title of "learning bully" of yisuqianxi is really not covered. Qianxi baby is really working and studying. It can be seen from the form that the total score of the first volume of the national college entrance examination of Yimei Qianxi culture course is 473, 132 points higher than the score line of the art examination, and his art examination won the first place in the drama, film and television performance major of the Central Academy of drama with 94.85 points. The cultural major is the first in both materials, and was admitted by Zhongxi opera with excellent results.

Foreign name: Jackson

Alias: qianqianxi Qianzong xiaoqianxue baqianxi Baoxi Zige

Nationality: China

Nationality: Han nationality

Constellation: Sagittarius

Height: 168cm (growing)

Birthplace: Huaihua, Hunan Province

Date of birth: November 28, 2000

Brokerage company: Beijing Shidai Fengjun culture and Art Development Co., Ltd

Representative works: Dream skyscraper, heart, love departure, dream departure, magic castle, youth cultivation manual, lucky symbol

Fan Name: qianzhihe

Personal assistance color: Red

Yimei Qianxi, born in Huaihua, Hunan Province on November 28, 2000, is a singer, dancer, actor and member of tfboys in mainland China. In 2005, he first appeared on TV and began to participate in various variety shows. In 2009, he joined the "feidazzle youth" group and quit two years later. In June 2013, he was invited to join the TF family for his outstanding dance and versatility. In August 2013, he started his career in the form of tfboys and was the youngest member of the group. In October 2015, he voiced the leading actor of little prince, which broke the box office record of French animated film in China. In November, I performed if you and rhaythm TA, the choreographed dances by myself, which set the highest record for live online user data of iqiyi birthday party.