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How much does a World Cup player earn a month

Russia's world cup has been in full swing for a month. 736 players from 32 teams can't rest after the end of their respective seasons. They need to continue to work hard to win glory for their country. Many people are curious about how much money the World Cup players can earn in a month?

FIFA's share of bonus

FIFA itself is the richest international sports league. In addition to the World Cup year with outstanding wealth, all the gods of wealth are on the way together. If we don't get rich, we can't say that. Some agencies predict that FIFA's revenue in Russia will exceed 8 billion US dollars this time, compared with 13, 32 and 48 in the previous three sessions.

FIFA is making more and more money. How many points can't you give brother?

Of course, FIFA will spend $791 million on team bonuses and player insurance for the Russian World Cup, up 40% from the previous one.

The bonus distribution is different for everyone who comes.

As long as you have the ability to go to Russia, you will be given $1.5 million in pocket money first. The team that was eliminated in the group game won a bonus of 8 million dollars, which is also the benefit sharing. The latter is linked to the achievements, at least 12 million US dollars, rising in stages. Up to $38 million, for the winning team.

Different from the Olympic Games, the world cup is really affordable, which is one of the reasons why a single event is more troubling than the Olympic Games.