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What is the effect of mingyuecao? What are the benefits of mingyuecao in fighting cancer and AIDS

Mingyue grass, commonly known as white back grass or chicken feather grass, can also be said to be a kind of vegetable, which has a very healthy and healthy effect, and can also effectively regulate the body with food. If it is planted indoors, it can also purify the indoor air. So, what's the effect of Mingyue grass? What are the benefits of mingyuecao in fighting against cancer and AIDS?

pharmacological action

1. Anticancer effect

2. Anti AIDS 3. Antibacterial effect

4. Antithrombotic

5. Reduce blood pressure

6. Anti allergy

7. Telangiectasis (vasorelaxation) 8. Prevention of diabetes and cataract caused by it.

Edible value

Mingyuecao has a very high therapeutic value. It has been widely used as a healthy and long-lived plant in Japan since the Edo era in the 16th century. It has greatly improved health after consumption, so it is used to make a variety of daily food. Now in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, mingyuecao has become an all-around food with health, longevity and vitality. Food companies in some provinces and cities in the mainland have processed 'mingyuecao' into food for sale.

Wash with salt water and chew every day. High blood pressure early, middle and late before meals, chew 5 tablets, eat about 15 tablets a day. At the same time, it's best to cut the old stem of mingyuecao and boil it in water or soup. It's necessary to add some dates to the soup. The old stem of mingyuecao doesn't need to be eaten every day. It can be eaten twice a week. In this way, it is the best way to combine the leaves and stems of the evening primrose.

Mingyuecao is used to make tea or directly fry water (it's easier to taste). The dried leaves of mingyuecao are best to be eaten together with the dried stems. The effect is better. 5g of dried stems of mingyuecao and 5g of dried leaves of mingyuecao can be used every day. Mingyuecao is the best green antihypertensive and hypoglycemic medicine. It's the best green gift for holidays. Eating the dried leaves of evening primrose can see obvious effect in one to one and a half months.

Through the above introduction, we now know the efficacy and function of mingyuecao. We can eat it selectively according to our own situation at ordinary times. Health preservation has always been the most important thing in my life, so health preservation should also be carried out by combining the situation of our own body with the natural situation.