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How much is it to fix findx and nex? Oppo find X / vivo nex repair price oppo find X and vivo nex are very popular mobile phones. Recently, oppo find X / vivo nex announced the maintenance cost. The price was unexpected. How much did find X and nex repair?

From the aesthetic point of view, vivo nex and oppo find X have achieved the acme under the existing technical conditions. However, the service life and maintenance cost of the sliding structure have become the biggest question for many potential consumers of these two mobile phones. With the two mobile phones on sale, the official website has announced the repair price of relevant parts.

In terms of the most concerned display screen, the maintenance cost of vivo nex is 910 yuan, and that of oppo find x is 1260 yuan.

In addition, the front lens of vivo nex is 165 yuan, while the sliding middle frame component of oppo find x is 335 yuan, the front lens is 350 yuan, and the rear lens is 395 yuan. Compared with the iPhone, the maintenance cost is not too expensive.

As for the service life and durability, oppo official once said that the double track periscope structure of find X has passed more than 300000 rigorous tests in the laboratory. If it is calculated according to about 150 times a day, the double track periscope structure of find x can guarantee more than 5 years of use.

Moreover, the machine also provides an automatic recovery mechanism against falling, which is divided into three stages, namely, free falling detection, sending out signal instructions, and recovering periscope module, so as to ensure that the dual track periscope structure of find x is fully protected.

As for vivo nex, the front camera is hidden under the screen, which can rise and fall 50000 times continuously without failure. With stainless steel shell, it can bear strong pulling force and torsion force, and automatically retract after intelligent detection of external force. The lifting travel time is only 1 second, and it comes with the shooting.

Netizens commented that the screen of my mobile phone didn't seem to be broken, as long as I paid a little attention to it. Don't touch sharp things. Generally speaking, the mobile phone quality of blue and green factory is still qualified! By contrast, the maintenance cost of Vivonex is low! Compared with apple, the maintenance cost of OV is much lower! After playing find in my friend's hand for several times 10. It's a good selfie, and the lens is extended quickly. The key is that the overall screen looks good. Frankly speaking, in terms of appearance, domestic mobile phones have really come to the top of the list! Vivo mobile phones do a really good job in material use! It's not as good as Xiaomi mix!

The above is the announcement of oppo find X / vivo nex maintenance cost. The price is amazing. How much does find X and nex repair cost? Do you think such maintenance price is appropriate?