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Will China be on the list when Qatar wins the world cup in 2022?

Sihaiwang: at the end of the 2018 World Cup, France beat Croatia 4-2 to win the championship and win the world cup of Hercules. Before the match, France has already offered the odds for the winning team of the next World Cup. France ranks first among all teams at 1-5.5, followed by Brazil and Germany. The Chinese team who missed the world cup continues to be underrated or even not included in the odds list.

According to the latest odds offered by William Hill, France, who made it to the final of the world cup, are still the top contenders in the next World Cup. The odds of 5.5 to 1 are enough to make them laugh. France is the team with the highest value in the world cup, reaching 1.08 billion euros. At the same time, the team is still relatively young, the average age is only 26.3 years old, and several core players of the team are very young, still in the golden age in the next World Cup.

Although Brazil lost to Belgium, which won the third place in the world cup, and stopped in the last eight, Neymar, Coutinho and other teams are still favored by the outside world. And Asia is Brazil's' blessed land '. Before the only World Cup held in Asia, Brazil pushed the European team to win. The transfer to Qatar, in Asia has broad support for the Brazilian team obviously hope to be a good double, Mei Kai twice. Their odds are six to one, second only to France. Although defending champion Germany was eliminated 1-2 in this world cup group match and was not promoted from the group match for the first time in history, it was analyzed that the team was mainly trapped by the "magic spell of defending champion". After returning to the competition, the team will inevitably rebound to the bottom and make another record, and tied for the third place with another European strong team Spain at the rate of 1-7.

Belgium won the championship under the leadership of the golden generation. Four years later, the golden generation will still be able to fight for the country, winning the fifth hot spot with 9-1. England, who finished fourth in the world cup, were young and energetic, finishing sixth at 11-1. Italy, who failed to qualify for the finals of this world cup, won four world cups in history. Argentina was eliminated by France in this competition, and both sides were expected to pay 13-1. Holland, another European team that failed to make it to Russia, paid 15-1, while Croatia, who made it to the final of this cup, paid 17-1, ranking 9th and 10th respectively.

After that, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia in South America are expected to win the title, as well as Portugal, where Ronaldo is likely to play in his later years. Absent from the tournament, the U.S. team, which will jointly host the 2026 World Cup, will lose 67-1, while Russia, which will host the tournament, will lose 81-1, which is also cautiously optimistic.

Since 1966, Asian teams have never beaten South American teams in the world cup. In Russia's World Cup group match, Japan beat Colombia 2-1, breaking the magic spell of 52 years.

Among the Asian teams, Japan is the most promising Asian team with a 1-251 odds. The team reached the last 16 in this world cup, and even led the powerful Belgian team 2-0 in the 1 / 8 final, which is impressive. If not for tactical mistakes, the team may even achieve its first wish to reach the top eight in Russia. Qatar, the host country, is the second most popular winner in Asia, ranking 31st with 1-50. Iran's 1-1001, Saudi Arabia and South Korea's 1-2501 are also considered to have a weak chance to win.

The Chinese team who missed the world cup is still working hard for their second world cup trip. At present, the Chinese team ranks 75th in the FIFA ranking, and is considered to have almost no chance to win the championship, so it has not entered the vision of the gambling companies, nor received the corresponding odds.