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How to keep your teeth healthy?

as the saying goes, "good teeth, good appetite, delicious meals." this is the truth. It's the most painful thing to look at the table full of good dishes, if the teeth are not delicious. And no one wants to wait until they are old enough to lose their teeth, and then they can only use dentures to have a normal diet. Today, I'd like to share with you a little experience in daily dental care. I hope you all have neat and white teeth.

Daily brushing frequency: brush your teeth at least twice in the morning and evening every day. Of course, if you have time, it's best to brush your teeth after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the brushing time should not be too short, which should be more than 3 minutes and less than 5 minutes.

Use the correct brushing technique: the correct brushing gesture is to brush back and forth between the upper and lower teeth with a toothbrush, not to brush crosswise quickly, not to use too much force, so as not to bruise the internal muscles of the mouth.

Choose the right toothbrush: there are many kinds of toothbrushes on the market now, but for the oral health care toothbrush, you must choose the soft, fine, elastic toothbrush, so that when you brush your teeth, you can effectively avoid the periodontal tissue damage caused by too hard toothbrush. Also, try to choose a toothbrush with a smaller head. The toothbrush with a smaller head is more convenient and flexible to rotate in the mouth, and it can clean a stain in the mouth more thoroughly.

Choose the right toothpaste: there are all kinds of toothpastes with various functions and tastes on the market, but for the sake of our teeth health care, we still try to choose the moth proof toothpaste with repair function. The free fluorine in this toothpaste can repair our damaged teeth.

Eat foods that are healthy for your teeth: eat meat with high calcium content, eggs, fruits and vegetables, coarse fiber food and milk, which are all good for your teeth.

It's necessary to wash your teeth regularly, because the plaque left by your teeth will be caused by poor oral hygiene and incorrect brushing methods, and the calculus will be formed after a long time. If not cleaned in time, it will cause a series of oral diseases such as periodontitis. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent these problems is to wash teeth regularly in a regular dental hospital.