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What are the healthy lifestyles?

now that people's living conditions are better and the quality of life is higher and higher, people who have higher requirements will seek a healthier lifestyle. Combined with modern medicine, it shows that there are indeed many healthy ways to support their lives for reference. What are the healthy lifestyle?

Eat less meat, according to the pH of the human body, the blood and cells are weakly alkaline, and meat will destroy the acid-base balance, easy to induce disease.

More sun, more sun on life has many benefits, but also pay attention to the sun time, pay attention to do a good job in sun protection, in addition to winter sun is particularly good.

Step as a car, don't be reluctant to walk a little way, so people will gradually degenerate. If not properly, it can alleviate the discomfort of sitting for a long time, which is a very economic and feasible exercise way.

Often sing, singing can not only release pressure, regulate mood, but also promote facial blood circulation, and prevent many diseases.

After meal rest, that is to say, the digestive system needs blood to provide energy to digest food after meal. If a lot of exercise at this time is bound to steal part of the blood, which is not good for the body, a small step is OK.

Keep your chest up, walk and work, keep your body shape, good image and temperament, and increase your vital capacity.

Sit and think. Take time to sit for a while. Don't think about anything. Relax completely. It may not be possible for most people, but it is very helpful for health.

Raise interest, raise some like flowers and plants at home, in addition to appreciability, can also improve air quality, cultivate people's sentiment.

Pro nature, weekend to the outskirts and nature to a close date, breathe fresh air, and exercise.