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86 version of journey to the West: the collapse of calcified waterfall in norilang

After the Jiuzhaigou earthquake, it has caused great damage to the natural landscape! Norilang waterfall, the scenic spot of "where is the dare to ask" in the tail song of the journey to the west, has been seriously damaged. Once the classic is gone, it is heartbreaking!

After the earthquake on August 8, some scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou scenic spot were damaged, including spark sea, norilang waterfall and other scenic spots, which were seriously damaged and almost 'disappeared'.

This was the classic location of 86 version of journey to the West. The scene of four teachers and apprentices walking over the waterfall in the final piece where is the road? Was shot here. Norilang waterfall is the widest waterfall in China. It was once rated as one of the six most beautiful waterfalls in China, but now it is no longer a grand sight!

Journey to the West

Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve is the world natural heritage, national key scenic spot, national AAAAA level scenic spot, and the first nature reserve in China with the main purpose of protecting natural scenery.

Sparking sea and norilang waterfall are two important scenic spots in the scenic area. Sparking sea is 2187 meters above sea level and 9 meters deep. The water quality of the lake is clear and the lake is lush with green trees. It is one of the best photo spots for tourists to visit Jiuzhaigou.

Norilang is one of the largest calcified waterfalls in China with an altitude of 2365 meters, a width of 270 meters and a height of 24.5 meters. It is also the widest waterfall in China. The width of the waterfall has reached 270 meters. The 1986 version of the TV play journey to the West was taken here. The scene where the four teachers and apprentices walked from the waterfall cloth in the final song dare to ask where is the way is is taken here.