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Can drink coke grow fat easily what hidden danger can you have?

drinking coke in summer can make people feel cool instantly, and they can't help but drink it. But they are worried about the hidden dangers of drinking too much Coke, such as growing fat, will drinking coke grow fat?

Drinking coke for a long time or for a long time will cause obesity. Cola contains a lot of sugar and absorbs it very quickly, which is easy to cause obesity due to the intake of sugar

Coke contains caffeine, which is easy to be addicted and dependent for a long time. When it is not drunk suddenly, it is easy to be upset, depressed and so on, which seriously affects health

It is easy to injure teeth. The carbon dioxide and phosphoric acid contained in Coke will form carbonic acid after dissolving, and carbonic acid has certain corrosiveness to enamel. Long term drinking teeth will cause tooth erosion

Lead to osteoporosis, the phosphoric acid in Coke will affect the absorption of calcium, and the caffeine in it will cause decalcification, once the body can not absorb calcium or decalcification will cause osteoporosis and fracture

It can cause stomach diseases. The caffeine in coke can stimulate stomach peristalsis and gastric acid secretion, thus causing intestinal spasm. Long term drinking will lead to chronic gastritis slowly

It affects health. Besides the above hazards, caffeine in coke is easy to cause headaches, fidgety memory loss, insomnia and other symptoms. Long term drinking may cause diabetes