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What's the matter with a letter of apology issued by a violent cartoon

recently, the violent cartoon published an apology letter. What's the matter? Xiaobian will take you to see the latest media reports. The riotous cartoon posted a letter of apology on the official website. He apologized to the hero's family, the competent department, the media and netizens respectively, saying that he would "correct his mistakes and start again" and devote himself to spreading positive energy.

At the same time, the rioting cartoon also launched three parts to show their attitude, which are "a journey to the hometown of the martyr, a profound apology", "advocating the hero, remembering the martyr, paying homage to the hero" and "learning laws and regulations, improving awareness".

Previously, the violent cartoon was taken off the shelves of today's headlines, microblogs, Youku, Tencent videos and other platforms for suspected insult to Yinglie.