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What is the reason why babies love to eat their hands? Should parents stop them

Sihaiwang: does the baby put his hand in his mouth to suck because he is hungry? Is it time to nurse? Some mothers in order to avoid the baby eating hands, many mothers use gloves to wrap the baby's small hands, in the end should it be stopped?

What are the reasons why babies like to eat their hands

The physiological response caused by hunger. Because of the sucking reflex, when the baby holds the nipple or fingers, it will take the initiative to suck. So if you want to judge whether the baby is hungry, you can touch the corner of his mouth with your fingers. If the baby is hungry, he will turn his mouth to the side of your fingers, which means he wants to eat.

2、 The habit of self appeasement. Sucking your fingers is actually a baby's need for self-comfort. Why does the baby cry, in most cases, do not cry to eat milk? Does mom think crying must be hungry? In fact, it's not. It may be that the baby needs to suck. When feeling fear, uneasiness, irritability and tension, the baby can obtain the calming effect through sucking and finger nipple, so as to get self comfort and no more crying. In addition, the baby with long teeth can also relieve gingival itching by eating hands.

3、 To achieve the purpose of exploration. Babies under the age of 1 are in the oral sensitive period, which is also the "oral desire period" as we often say. They like to eat by hand. Sometimes they eat with one finger in turn, sometimes they put the whole fist into their mouth. In fact, this is the beginning of baby's understanding of the world through mouth. By eating his hands, he realized that his hands were part of his body. Putting things in his mouth with his hands was his way to try and feel the outside world.

To understand the real reason why a baby eats his hands, we should understand that we should not stop him from eating his hands. As long as you keep your hands clean, you don't have to worry and stop. It is also helpful for the development of the baby's hand by eating the hand, because while eating the hand, his hand eye coordination ability is also developing, his oral muscles and hand muscles are also exercised, his cerebral cortex can also be stimulated, and the baby will become more and more intelligent.