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How can we not hate each other after breaking up?

when you break up, don't complain about each other and say that they are not good, because they used to love each other. Many people are old and dead after breaking up, but others will regard each other as enemies and always say that the other side is not good. So, after breaking up, how can we not hate each other.

Don't break the lotus root. Break up on the point of clean, do not have any relationship between. No matter what reason to break up, do not pester each other. Since you break up, just choose to forget each other. Once a good memory can be hidden in the bottom of my heart.

There should be no exchange of interests. Before breaking up, the existing interest relationship should be clearly divided and understood. Otherwise, it will make both sides very upset after breaking up. Some people will use this as an excuse to say that the other side is not good, or to pester the other side. So don't have any interests after the break-up.

Be yourself. If you want the other side not to resent yourself, first of all, you need to be yourself and take care of yourself. There are many reasons for breaking up. It's good to know. Don't complain about each other, blame each other for all kinds of faults. After breaking up, I have nothing to do with myself. Just be frank with yourself.

Ignore each other. We can control ourselves, but not others. After breaking up with each other and complaining about us, all we can do is to choose to ignore them and let them think what they want, as long as it doesn't affect our normal life and interests.

Don't say anything. It means that when you are in love, a lot of personal privacy still needs to be kept. Although you want to tell each other any secret when you are in love, it is not about your relationship. It's better not to say a secret. In this way, after breaking up, they will not be talked about everywhere by the other party, which will make them embarrassed and cause hatred.

Face the break-up. Break up to be calm point, no matter whether the other party resents himself or not, we don't want to think about how to fight back to the other party, once you and I still love each other so much, since love that we should know tolerance, even if break up, there is no relationship between, also want to be calm to face, to give in.